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Write It Down!!

March 10, 2018/ by admin / No Comments

“Do I really need to program, I just put out things for the children to play with and they free play!!” This is an educators comment to me and this is what I needed to say… In your head you ARE programming!! You thought about… > What the children would be interested in? > Where … Continue reading Write It Down!!

Simple Reflect

Programming Is Hard

February 15, 2018/ by admin / No Comments

A beautiful educator said to me… “I just find programming hard!” She was struggling Had a total wall up Not moving forward, just stuck Why do so many educators, and I hear it, sometimes as a whine but often as a statement, YOU may say it too, beautiful educators saying programming is hard? Hard? The … Continue reading Programming Is Hard

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What Does It Mean to Shine??

January 19, 2018/ by admin / No Comments

What does it mean to YOU? I’ve been flat this week Struggling to find the energy It’s the end of the year and I am ready for a break For some time – time for my son, my husband, time for me But I say to myself I say to YOU We still need to … Continue reading What Does It Mean to Shine??

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The Best Educator?

January 10, 2018/ by admin / No Comments

It is YOUR decision… Have you made the decision? The decision to be the best educator YOU can be?? Each year I challenge myself… Challenge myself to be the best educator I can be But To each of us, the best educator, means something completely different As I grow each year as an educator As … Continue reading The Best Educator?