#01 Shine as an Educator

Early Childhood Educators

Are you ready to Shine as an Educator??
Here we are with our first
Top Tip

Critical Reflection Question…

Dig deep into your beliefs, your own values and your sense of being to answer…
What are you good at?? Really Really Good at?? What do you do super well??

Challenge time…

Find a trusted, supportive someone that you have on your educating journey with you
and ask them,
What am I good at as an educator??
Remember this question is to give you insight into what you can celebrate.
It is about celebrating being who you are, the unique skills you use to be YOU.
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Top Tip…

Spend time reflecting on what you believe you are good at – is it what you want
to be recognised for??
Now you recognise you do something really well, Celebrate it, keep it in your mind,
when you are having a shocker of a day, (and we definitely all have those) …
Reflect on it, document it and make it a question you ask yourself regularly
– What was I really good at this week – what did I do super well that I can celebrate
right now…

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