#02 Shine as an Educator

Early Childhood Educators

How did you find episode 1 – A little confronting?? We as educators spend so much time
worrying about others wellbeing, we don’t often take the time to focus on ourselves.
I hope you took the time to really Reflect to Critical Reflect, and celebrate YOU.

Now on with episode 2 –

Question Time…

Is there something you need to change??
Take the time to think about how you want to feel… Now what changes do you need
to make??

Our Challenge…

Change or improve just one thing you do this week!!
It could be as simple as intentionally changing the way you interact with someone or a
much larger goal, make the commitment to do one thing.
Write it out and share if you would like – if you write a goal down you are much more
likely to have the commitment to followed through with your challenge – Improve just
one thing you do this week.
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators

Top Tip…

Document your critical Reflection insight well – they can be used for so much in your
Over the coming months we will use our Critical Reflections. Collating and creating our
Critical Reflections will help delve into our true feelings and goals with in our business
and working with our precious children.

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