#03 Shine as an Educator

Early Childhood Educators

What did you decide to change or improve this week?
Episode 2 Challenged you to take a sniper of time and think about changes you may
Then place that decision into actionable steps that you were committed to – in a set time
We recognised the importance of documenting your intentional decisions, for use as
evidence of growth and development. This step will help you as you need to create
other documents such as you qip and your philosophy.

Now on with Episode 3 –

Question Time…

How do you take time out and give yourself some love?
I received an email this week about recognising and preventing burnout. A very real
and important issue in Family day care. I share 3 non negotiable times I set aside
for myself, encouraging you to look at the systems you have in place to support and
help you.
# A minimum of half hour quiet time, every day, where I also have a little downtime.
# Getting up a half hour earlier on hump day for personal time. (I often wash my hair,
lol, but in my mind it is personal time to do whatever I want with. hehehe )
# Wednesday night I have a personal training session which is important to my head and body.
These are just a few of my many systems I have in place, I would love to hear some of

Our Challenge…

Re examine the boundaries you have in place for your families.
Be sure to set up firm boundaries with new clients.
Parents are not mind readers, clear professional conversation will keep your values and
boundaries. Newsletters are also an easy way to remind parents of your requirements in
a friendly non confrontational way.
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators

Top Tip…

Plan your week well.
Make a non negotiable appointment with yourself and keep it. If you are asked to do
anything for anyone it is often easier to say – ‘I am sorry I have an appointment’
– yes it is with yourself but it is as important as an appointment with anyone else!!
Priorities your own health and wellbeing, think of it as a gift you can give yourself and
your family.
Your number one priority this week… Plan when you will refill your cup, so that you
have enough love and support to share with those you love, and all of the many areas in
your life that need you…

I would love to hear from you




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