#04 Shine as an Educator – Interviewing Parents

Early Childhood Educators

Episode #03 saw us reexamine the boundaries you have in place for your families.
This is a perfect opportunity to also look at our very first contact with new clients/
families in #04.
As Educators we often focus on the children and forget, or don’t feel comfortable to take
a business approach as well. Todays episode, I share with you some of my interview
techniques and how I invite families to come for their first visit. Interviewing Parents.

Question Time…

Do your interview questions need revisiting,
are they up to date?

Have an interview process that you can use over and over. Develop a process that shares
the values you want to portray in your service.
I set up interviews for morning tea time. A positive, fun morning is what we are aiming
for right from the start.
Remember to sell your service and the benefits of Family Day Care.

Our Challenge…

Add two new interview questions that reflect your service.

Spend time getting to know the Child and Parent.
But also discuss these areas – and add your own questions to personalise the interview.
Have they used care before?
What preconceived ideas do they have coming into FDC?
Sleep times
Quiet times
Wellness discussion
Set clear boundaries
Expected communication
Healthy eating
Routine and Non Routine Excursion
Animal interaction
Fee Policy
Scheme contact and visits
Offer a Portfolio or photo album, for a deeper understanding of your service
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators

Top Tip…

Keep a list of question that reflects you as an educator in
your Family Day Care

We interview parents, interview them as well as you can.
Trust yourself and find the confidence to say no!! to a new client if the placement of that
child in your service is not in the best interest of you, your other children in care or the
new child.

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