#09 Shine as an Educator – Programming, Play based learning!

Early Childhood Educators

Over the last few weeks I have received many questions about programming and play
based learning…
My aim today, is to share an insight into my program; A bit about how my thinking
works and how I often hop from one thing to the next – led by the children and
following and facilitating their interests and curiosities…
All of next weeks program has been developed from our one show this week – A show
called Spotty bear. That was fantastic!!

Critical Reflection Question…

What steps am I taking to ensure my program is child focussed and play based??
Through out this year – On a Wed I have a 2yo, two 4 yo and my Lach who is 5 yo.
One of my favourite times of the day is interacting with the children over lunch.
We have the most amazing conversations, sometimes totally mystical and others very,
very serious and down to earth, especially for under 5s.
So we went to the spotty bear show and I wanted to know what they recalled and what
their take on it was – and what they thought about many of the messages shared.
So we spoke about spotty and the journey he went on to try and remove his spots.
Did we think spotty should of been able to remove his spots? All the people that tried to
help him? He didn’t realise how special he was?… Im sure you can imagine the
discussion I was encouraging but it is important to me that at this age the children steer
the conversation themselves. I try to be a guide to that conversation not the leader as
such… to guide in a nonintrusive way…

Our Challenge…

Truly set about discovering three child based experiences your children will love next
I will share with you how we got to child based programming – and you can share with
me whether this is were you would go too? Remembering that as unique as our children
each are – we as educators are also unique and will bring different experiences to each
of our journeys.
Ok so we are at the table they have been tossing around the ins and out of what they
And off they went – did you see they held spotty by the legs; that wouldn’t get his spots
off that would hurt; hmm no you can hold me by the legs and it wouldn’t hurt; we
practice when we do wheel barrow races. We could do wheel barrow races after lunch; I
think I would rather use real wheelbarrows; What would you use the real wheel barrows
for? Well we still have planting to do; Yes we do we still have beans to plant.
Do you know they covered spotty in snow he would of got very cold; cold as ice; the ice
would of melted on spotty; what makes ice melt; not a spotty bear.
From listening – and this tiny snippet of these beautiful children conversation – have you
got an idea where my program is heading?…
1.We will be creating an obstacle course outside – having some wheelbarrow races
– maybe visit time and stop watches – thus visiting gross motor, pattern building,
numeracy skills as well.
2.We will be getting out the wheel barrows and small garden utensils, planting and
mulching the beans that are still to plant. Using our literacy skills to make tags
for the beans.
3.And we will be freezing some wonderful big blocks of ice to melt and experiment
with. Maybe paint and use salt to test our understanding and science skills.
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Top Tip…

Children that are nurtured in a truly child focussed, play based program will be
an amazing sponge ready to soak up the learning opportunities that are offered
to them.
As an early childhood educator this is one of my main aims – to facilitate and create
a space that is safe and encourages the children to share their ideas, likes, dislikes,
feelings and thoughts so that we can support them within their ongoing learning journey.

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