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#100 Shine As An Educator – My Truth!

Super excited to share this 100 Episode with you.
We have almost 20k downloads
so it would be awesome to get there with this podcast
so if you have a work colleague or friend that needs to hear this
be sure to share it with them.
Sharing the Shine as an Educator podcast keeps me
> Reflecting
> Motivated
> Invited thought provoking and heart wrenching discussion
> Problem solving in a positive, enriching way
> Connection – the connections that I have with a lot of you
– I truly treasure and know I am a better educator because of.
I need to share why,
why I know Early Childhood Educators can change lives.
Many of you will know a very surface version of my story,
where I have shared
I was a young Mum in a small town using a FDC Educator,
when she decided to leave
and there was literally no where for her clients to go…
you need to listen to the podcast to get the deeper story!
Early Childhood Educators
> Can make the difference between some children
having the connection they need or not
> The sleep they need
> The understanding
AND with parents
> The kind word you say to a parent as they leave
may be the only kind word they get all day
> The chit chat at the end of the day
may be the only chit chat a parent gets
to have about their child to anyone
So I ask you after listening to my story
and all my babble over the last 100 episodes
> what sort of educator are you?
> what sort of educator do you know you can be?
> what impact are you having on those around you?
Are you being the shining light that is needed,
for yourself AND those around you…
Some things to think about
?Self Care
I was deeply saddened this week
by a post that said they hated being an educator => REALLY 🙁
Educators aren’t recognising how important they are…
> Prioritising Self Care
> Taking steps to NOT be as isolated,
no matter the care setting
> Recognising your uniqueness
=> all educators have a unique skill set,
a passion that they can share
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
This week, make a list of ALL the things YOU LOVE
about being an educator…
It’s time to LOVE being an educator again!
This will be a unique list to you => for you => about YOU!!
Take a deep breath and recognise yourself as the unique,
amazing educator that you are working on becoming.
We are all on a journey, yes we really are!
We grow – develop – and change as educators
I am NOT the same educator I was almost 25 years ago
I’m just not
I have changed my views on things
I have learned things with training and time
I use to have a focus around doing things ONCE and RIGHT,
there was a right way and a wrong way to do everything
I was young and felt the pressure of being judged
Now I understand more about knowing myself,
doing what feels right and to hell with anyone
that wants to judge or pressure me
into doing things a certain way or that doesn’t feel right.
Yes I play by the rules
But I also give myself enough credit to know what feels right
Do what works for you…
Give yourself enough credit to know YOU are changing lives!!

I would love to hear from you

P.S Be sure to download the Reflective Practice Printable
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