#13 Shine as an Educator – Christmas break?

Early Childhood Educators

This week I have a couple of things I have finalised and thought I would share with you.
Oh yes Christmas is just around the corner, we are starting to think about holidays and
so are our families.
I have a fantastic program of Christmas experiences I am excited to share with you in
the few weeks.
This week I have finalised my vacancies for next year and have set up two interviews to
lock in my new special little people that will be joining our crew next year.
I have also locked in my Christmas holidays, giving my parents 6 weeks notice that I will
be taking some time off. The last couple of years I have had a week and a half. This year
is the same from Wednesday the 23rd of Dec up until Monday the 4th of Jan. Which
I feel pretty comfortable with and am quite looking forward to them.
If you have not had time off this year please seriously think about taking some time for
yourself and your family…

Critical Reflection Question…

How are you planning your time over Christmas?
Have you taken some time to think about what care you will be offering over the
Christmas period or are you offering care at all?
Are most of your families away? or do you have families that really are relying on you?
The last few years I have had parents that plan and are very happy to have time off.
It makes it super easy to have some down time at the end of the year.
Now I fully understand that it’s not always easy to take time off. A few years ago
I had several families that were small business owners and really relied on me, not
only for normal hours of care but quite a few extra hours as well. I would take
my holidays at other times of the year – it was great for our budget and really at
the time worked ok. It just took a little extra coordination and planning.


Speak to your families about what care they need over the Christmas break?
Sometimes if you’re not sure a survey or simple form can be a great way to open
the lines of communication.
Communicate your intensions for a break clearly.
Sometimes we can wait for parents to make up their minds, don’t wait too long,
try and have a date that is no closer then 6 weeks.
I share with parents my plan for holidays verbally and then back it up with a newsletter.
My newsletter will have in it…
#Christmas holiday dates mine and asking them to re-confirm theirs
#My service Christmas party – which is generally a couple of hours in an evening
– I plan to share a bit more about this in an upcoming episode.
#Any changes for next year/times/available times
#A reminder about sunscreen, hats, and suitable clothes, as always in the summer
#Excursions we will be attending coming up to Christmas – I also look forward to
sharing more about these soon
You might like to share your newsletters with me – I am always looking for fresh
and new ways to easily communicate with parents.
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators

Top Tip…

You will inevitably have at least 1 family that will change their minds about when
they are taking holidays or need care.
As parents tell you their plans, write it down in a diary or on a calendar page,
that you have specifically for this purpose.
Have clear in your mind when you are taking time off and how much “ wriggling ” of
families you are willing to do over the holiday period.
This time of year is more important to some then others, take time to reflect on how
important a Christmas break is to you and your family. Be clear, firm and professional
in communicating your needs to families at this time.

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