1st Blog for the season16

Excited P L U S here is my first blog post for 2016!!
I’m taking time to reflect, reread, re-listen and explore which podcasts from Shine as an
Educator, resonated with you!!
Seriously, I have been on a huge learning curve this year. I set out on a big scary path
to share with you my journey as an early childhood educator and all things that have
worked (or not ) along the way.
I have been blogging for a while but starting a podcast meant there was a few more
skills to learn and it has been a challenging but interesting ride that I hope you
have enjoyed as well.
So strictly by the numbers and with no influence from me 😉 the winner is
#09 Shine as an Educator – Programming, Play based learning!
Yayy, this is awesome as programming is definitely – without a doubt – my focus area!!
Programming is the area I receive the most questions.
Where I get the biggest buzz from helping, brain storming, problem solving, and putting
into place a plan that works for educators. Where educators feel the biggest relief when
finally having a plan in place that works REALLY WORKS 🙂
Close second is
#01 Shine as an Educator
01 The first of our challenges – ha – a little insight into what happened when I completed
the challenge. As well as a Critical Reflection question and the top tip for the week.
We spoke about not just recognising what you are good at but taking time to celebrate
it. Being conscious of what you want to be recognised for and keeping that in mind
when having a shocker of a day, because we all have shockers occasionally.
Lucky Third is… woohoo…
#13 Shine as an Educator – Christmas Break…
Yep I think everyone was busting for Christmas, hanging out for the break but also
super keen to make sure nothing was missed before taking it!!
A top of the line Critical Reflection Question, Challenge and Top Tip. I shared my
‘must do’ before Christmas list, how important it is to forward think about time off,
as well as what I was including into my Newsletter.
Check out Simple Reflect – The Easiest Way to Document

There is a fair bit in episode 13 and I can see why it was a favourite 😀
I have a growing list of awesome topics for 2016, if you are struggling or would just
like some down to earth – practical help, I would love to hear from you x



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