2nd Pre Work = Follow ups

Whether you are thinking of joining us for our next course or not
The Joy of Follow ups => What’s next?
Let me share our 2nd PRE WORK with YOU…
You can find the 1st PRE WORK HERE
Do you have an idea muscle?
It’s an interesting question isn’t it…
Pre work 1 saw you questioning how well you know your children
Pre work 2 is all about choosing follow up experiences that will benefit your children and that YOU CAN actually program and offer!
Pre work 1. I asked you to choose ONE child and ONE follow up experience
So let’s look at WHY you chose the experience you chose?
1.. Was it the first one you thought of?
2.. Was it the only thing you could think of?
3.. Why did you feel it would benefit the child?
4.. Was it really the best = most valuable experience you could offer?
Choosing follow up experiences for the children takes practice, focus and a real understanding of children’s development.

=> Make a list of 5 experiences you could offer your same child as a follow up experience.
5 experiences you can actually do…
1.. You have the resources
2.. You have the time to set up
3.. You have the area and space
You need to think about the concept of building your idea muscle.
The more you use it the better you will be at it.
We will be working on this AND building our ease, confidence and certainty around choosing experiences for worthwhile, valuable follow up experiences.
It IS important to ask What’s next, What’s next, What’s next?
P.S Watch for tomorrows Pre work Exercise or Jump into the EYPMastermind and get ready to build your knowledge around follow ups = Confidence and Certainty around what’s next!
Questioning your program, takes time
Struggling with what’s next, takes time
Umming and Arring is this right, takes time
Give me half hour of your time once a week and you will find yourself building confidence, building certainty and claiming back your time every day!!
Is it worth it => YES IT IS
Grab your spot HERE
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Follow ups

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