#36 Shine as an educator – Controversial Programming!

Early Childhood Educators

So I am writing our new training for the “Early years programming mastermind” and it
occurred I was heading down the road thats a little controversial but still very true and
relevant to us as Early childhood educators.
Now I am asking myself is it really controversial?
Is something really controversial if it is true?
If it is honest?
If it just how life is and it is being missed by educators?
So the training is the first module of a 5 day Challenge to lift your programming and I
wont have it finished until next week but
I started to think about all the reasons we program…
So many educators HATE programming with a passion!! But with all the benefits we can
have in our services when programming and documenting really well, is all this hate,
whinging and whining really justified. Some people will whine until the cows come home
but does that mean we should just switch off and not listen or constantly justify ourselves
on our reasoning to hate, love or tolerate programming and documenting our service.
And there really is a page full of benefits to our Programming which leads me to our
Critical Reflection Question Today, and before I tell you where I was going with this…

The Critical Reflection Question is…

Have you thought lately about the REAL BENEFITS of creating an
So straight off I hope you say, because the benefit to the children is unquestionable…
now turn your mind not to the action of the programming but to the paper, digital or
form, soft or hard of your program and documenting.
What are the BENEFITS? – there are so many straight up!
– connection and understanding of each child
– mapping children’s learning, progress or lack there of and journey
– documenting the experiences of the day
– proof of the planning cycle
– meeting your legislative requirements
I could seriously keep going and going!
So the heading was CONTROVERSIAL PROGRAMMING, and there is definitely
nothing controversial about the benefits we have listed above…
They are all true and on point!
But have we missed one??
I B E L I E V E S O –
Do you know you can actively use your program to sell yourself as an educator?
Now let me explain…
We come into contact with our clients everyday we work – and I don’t mean the children
– I mean the parents, they want to see that they are getting value for their child!
And it is up to you to ask what each parent sees as VALUE FOR THEIR CHILD.
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Now to me, as an early childhood educator, value is knowing that each child is being
nurtured and supported to be an individual that loves learning, is confident and resilient,
has wonderful social skills and is eager to explore the world around them.
But what each parent sees as value is different – and can be very different – and it is your
responsibility to communicate well enough to work out what a parent sees as value.

Your Challenge…

I want you to look at your current program – LOOK AT IT WITH FRESH EYES – if I
looked at your program, can I see the true value of your service, speaking to parents,
shouting to parents that you are offering value…
This is a real challenge to you, don’t just dismiss it, as if it doesn’t have meaning to you!!
This is real and this is to you…
Are you a room leader, not getting the respect from parents you would like or a Family
Day Care educator that can’t keep children and have them leaving to other services?
Maybe you are not using your program to convey effectively the messages it needs to.
YOU are providing a service that is of value!!
Children in your care are, happy, learning, supported, engaged, connected, nurtured,
resilient, have friends, are progressing, confident and are on the journey they need to be
on to thrive and flourish in their world.

Top Tip Time

PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING about how much you hate programming, be part of
the solution – let’s lift the level of discussion around programming. Think about the way
we as educators, collectively and as individuals, view and share our programming
and documenting.
If we look at it from a value point of view, it enables us to work with children and have
some pretty amazing days too.
I know some people wont agree with me and thats quite ok.
I VALUE my programming and you really can turn your programming into a resource
that benefits the children we care for as well as promotes the service we provide in an
amazing, positive and thoughtful way.

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