#72 Shine as an Educator – Where’s the PASSION?

Early Childhood Educators

Part of our Mastermind focus this week was quite intense.
We discussed self care and as many of you know I focus on self care a lot.
Self Care is an area that needs your priority, if you are going to be an educator with
longevity, that sustains the test of time and able to stay focussed and connected to the
children you care for, you will need to understand and put a certain level of priority on
your own self care.
But what else…
Well this week I spoke about PASSION – about recognising where your passion comes
from to work with children.
I asked Why would you want to be an educator?
What makes you think, this is something YOU will achieve?
Why did you start your training, your journey?
The questioning deep inside
How did YOU know this path was for you??

So your Critical Reflection Question today is

Why did you start your journey as an early childhood educator?
Is this the journey you expected to be on?
I would LOVE to tell you – I had this wild exciting dream of being an educator, of
guiding children’s learning and them becoming the valuable members of society that
we hope they will be…
But when I started my journey as an educator, my educator was moving on from a small
town and there was no options or alternative care for the family’s she cared for. I decided
to offer care for the family’s, earn an income and be at home with my boys.
My journey started as one of necessity and truthfully has grown from there.
I also speak a lot about journeys and this is why… over the past 20+ years my love
knowledge, understanding and passion towards what early childhood educators really
do, has grown. The difference we make as educators has changed so very much over the
years, but grown in a way that truly does emphasise and recognise the impact and
connection an educator can have in the lives of a child, family and our community.
Educators are entrusted with Supporting, guiding, connecting with children
Building confidence, resilience and social skills every day
Now I also asked, this week
Is this path REALLY for you?
How do you know?
Why do early childhood educators just keep going?
Where does the driving force come from
How DO you know – with certainty –
that ECE is meant for you…

My Challenge to YOU this week

Do you have a driving knowledge and passion for being an educator?
How do you show it?
AND Do you value your self care so you will be able to keep going?
Ask yourself some of these questions, recognise if your self care routine is enough?
We focus on connection and belonging
On what our families and children NEED
What do YOU know to be true?
As we travel the road of discovery
Discovering our own likes, dislikes, values and challenges
We change as beings BUT we also change as educators
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
We learn to question, to critically reflect on ourselves as educators, on our practices
and look at what steps we can take to improve in areas we may not of considered before.
A level of TRUST, trust in ourselves?? MAYBE
A deep KNOWING that YOU make a difference
A passion that drives YOUR ACTIONS
You do GUIDE
BUT IF YOU DON’T – and this is key
It’s time to question
It’s time to dig deep and search your soul
It’s time to find the PASSION again or WALK AWAY
Now to me walk away could be for a minute to refocus
It could be for a day to take some time out
It could be for a week, take a holiday make the commitment
It could be for a month or three to discover the right next step for you
Children NEED early childhood educators that FEEL
Feel the passion, drive, confidence and certainty


Ask yourself these key questions, If you need time out – take it!!
Let me share this again
Children NEED early childhood educators that FEEL
Feel the passion, drive, confidence and certainty
What ACTIONS are you taking TODAY??
I would LOVE you to share your thoughts with me and I will leave the link to our
fb group in the notes Come over to the fb group HERE

I would love to hear from you




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