#73 Shine as an Educator – going through the motions??

Early Childhood Educators

So what do you need to hear from me today?
I have been asking this of myself all day… So heres a super quick one.
I try and offer you motivation, thought provoking stories, hints and tips on
programming, what works for me in my business and what I enjoy offering
to the children. To name a few…
I have so many topics to share with you, just so you know the question I ask every
podcast is
What do you need to hear from me today?
And todays message came to me in a super clear way when I saw a meme that read –
Are you living or existing?
And the first thing I thought was…
Are you really being an educator or just going through the motions??

Your Critical Reflection Question today is

Are you Loving being an educator or are you just going through the motions??
What do I mean by loving?
I mean are you enthused about your coming day,
Do you feel excited and energised by what you have planned for the children?
Are you trying to make each day more enjoyable than the last?
There are many ways to describe our days, do you describe them as positive,
uplifting and joyous?
So a little food for thought – and remember I do specialise in programming and critical
reflections SO ARE YOU
– Documenting the children’s learning BUT missing the real wow moments
– Planning the week without focusing on what the children – and you – could really do if
you stepped it up a notch
– Setting up outside play, but not focusing on the next level of fun
Is what you do ENOUGH without going that extra – passionate, fun, LOVING step!!
Are you Loving being an educator or are you just going through the motions??

Your Challenge

This week choose one area you can step it UP a notch
I spoke last week about how there has been experiences over the years that I really loved
creating with the children and had clean forgot about.
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
For absolutely no reason other then I forgot.
Spend time brain storming with fellow Early Childhood Educators – Is there something
that you can offer the children this week that is something a little different, the children
will love AND learn from, something a step up from what you normally offer.
Going through the motions is a very easy trap to fall into, especially if the children
are happy playing with what you offer, you have a clear programming routine and
everything is rolling along with no fuss or real challenge.
BUT is it enough??
I don’t believe so!!
I want our children to have the best we can offer them.
The best learning opportunity’s
The best positive connections with their educators
The best environments we can offer
And what does the BEST mean?
It means WE keep challenging ourselves as educators
Keep learning
Keep improving each day
Improving step be step
– the learning opportunity’s we offer the children
– our engagement and positive attitudes
– the environments we create for our precious children
EVERY step counts

Top Tip Time

Look over your old programming – see how YOU have changed as an educator.
12 months ago, were you offering the same experiences, challenging the children
differently or can you see you had a brighter spark?
When was the last time you took a serious look into your programming from some time
ago? Is it something you do regularly? We really do change as educators and it is
fascinating to chat with educators after they have analysed their programming from
previous years.
Get to know yourself as an evolving early childhood educators. I would love to know how
you have changed? Come and share with us in the face book group and I will leave the
link HERE in the notes
Are you Loving being an educator or are you just going through the motions??

I would love to hear from you




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