#74 Shine as an Educator – Regional Conference, WHY – JUST – WHY?

Early Childhood Educators

So after an amazing regional conference last weekend I wanted to share some of my
takeaways with you.
I have shared a few – some memes – but wanted to give you some food for thought too.
As I have started to go over my notes a thought just sort of bubbled up…
Even though all three speakers shared diverse topics,
Documenting, Risky Play and Valuable Spaces
In thought provoking or as they put it, in a thought disrupting way
I realised one thing kept coming up

Your Critical Reflection question for today is

How often do you stop and look at the why??
This has come up – for me – over and over again
Do you spend time contemplating your why?
Why are YOU an educator?
Why are YOU choosing your care setting?
Why are YOU programming this week?
Why are YOU offering experiences this way?
How often do you critically reflect on YOUR WHY?
Questioning our habits
Questioning our practices
Questioning our influence on the lives of the children,
families and community around us
MY WHY is around choice
I CHOOSE to be an early childhood educator
I CHOOSE to be a FDC educator
I CHOOSE to offer the children experiences
that will engage, challenge and support their growth…
I have PASSION and can see the need
The NEED for small group care
The NEED for supporting families at the level I CAN
The NEED to offer care MY WAY…
It’s about offering a service
It’s about knowing what I do well
It’s about recognising I make a difference

Now your Challenge

Take time out this week to google 3 amazing speakers.
Your 1st is – Phil Butler,
He spoke to us over the weekend about documenting,
not what we think we ‘should be documenting’ but what the actual learning of the
children IS!! If we want to engage parents, share with them what they don’t already
know about their child.
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
Then looking at all the limits we as educators put on ourselves by not understanding the
difference between what the regulations actually say and what we think they say!!
His quote for the day was – We are not playing the match the outcome game, we are
professionals move past the matching game.
Your 2nd is Louise Dorrat,
An amazing speaker, with wit and humour at a level not usually seen in a speaker. She
shared her journey in a bush kinder and made me very aware that the experiences her
children were gaining are ones I would desperately love for my own, Earthy, natural and
free!! She shared the phrase It’s not about eliminating risk it’s about managing it!!
Trusting the children to understand the rules, rules they help make and guide each other
with. Building a level of self regulation and understanding of consequences also rarely
Your 3rd is Wendy Shepherd,
Quiet and a little more proper in her mannerism but insightful and giving with her
Encouraging educators to think of making things beautiful, that the children deserve
spaces that are not just practical but also inviting and non prison like… Yes they do,
they really do!!
With a little thought our spaces can be practical, inviting and beautiful and she shared
many ideas that are simple but beautiful. And her quote was – Life is a series of
transitions for children. Which I truly think about every day.

Top Tip Time

Never underestimate the effect a great training can have on your outlook as an
It is super important to find YES the support you need as an educator, but also
the inspiration. Why do we do what we do??
Why do we keep going when things are tough?
How can YOU change something you do
– to make your documentation more meaningful and worthwhile?
– to make your environment more challenging and creative?
– to make your spaces more inviting and beautiful while still being practical.
I LOVE to reflect to ask why to challenge my thinking and yours…
Over the next few weeks I will be sharing two new courses on programming, but if you
would like support as an early childhood educator you are welcome to join us in the
EYPMastermind and I will leave the link here in the notes
Let’s question, let’s challenge our current thoughts, beliefs and our why’s

I would love to hear from you




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