Shine as an Educator

#80 Shine as an Educator – The Gift of Time

Do your children need the gift of time?
Are you going from planned experience to planned experience?
What benefits to the children are you seeing and could does your flow of the day need changing?
Peel back the layers
Intentionally allow more time and the day to flow with more direction from the children
This will mean re directing some children that are looking for the reassurance.
Be confident to offer experiences to children over and over but also allow them the time they need to explore, play and BE.

Set three intentions around your day
1. Intentional teaching
2. Follow up focus
3. Spontaneous learning
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Put as much awareness around spontaneous experiences as you do any other learning.
Allow the space and time for the children to BE in their moment
Is this an area you could make real changes that will help you as an educator and the children in your care.

==>>The Gift of TIME Read more HERE<<==

Be sure to download the reflective practice printable

P.S Share with us your take away, Do you flit from experience to experience or do you allow your children the gift of time?

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