Shine as an Educator

#81 Shine as an Educator – Respect or Respectful?

How are you recognising and unwavering with your respect for the children in your care?
As an early childhood educator remember we are advocates for our precious children in every part of what we do….
Reflect on two conversations you have had this week
The first with a child in care – how are your conversations respectful?
Are they positive, encouraging, supportive are they how you want to be spoken to?
The second with an adult – now this could be a parent or college
Were you positive, encouraging, supportive how could you improve each of these elements when you are communicating with others.
Know what’s important to you
Be confident in what’s important to you
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Choose your battles
The children in our care learn about respect and relationships by the way we conduct our own respectful relationships with them
Not just them, the children around them, parents and other adults.
Recognise it and make your connections and conversations respectful and positive every single time!
Remember to Shine
P.S. Have you downloaded the Reflective Practice Printable?
A valuable reflective practice will help move you forward as an educator.
Share with us your questions and your journey 😀

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