Shine as an Educator

#84 Shine as an Educator – Is Your Reflective Practice Disruptive?

Is your Reflective practice disruptive?
And I thank Anthony Semann for this concept
Is your Critical Reflection valuable and making you challenge why you are doing or not doing,
what you are doing as an early childhood educator?
Dig into this a little deeper!!
Look over the questions you have been asking yourself for the last few weeks or even months
Have you been using our questions?
Have they been real questions?
Have they been questions that make or encourage you to question your own practice?
Are they a combination of all these and more?
Again look at why you are doing what you are doing
Are there other ways that would work for you as an educator
Be more valuable, supporting, engaging for our precious children
Know your philosophy around being an educator
Know what is important for you to share as an educator
Know why you work with the children and what is important to you and the children in your care
But don’t be afraid to question
To have well thought out
Respectful debates
With yourself
AND others
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
Unless we are questioned sometimes
Unless we are encouraged to look at someone else perception
or someone else’s view point
How do we know we are 100% happy with the way we are going about things?
I hope today has given you food for thought and a few questions to take away.
Remember to hop over to the notes and download the
Reflective Practice Printable which just makes this weekly practice super easy
Remember to shine.

I would love to hear from you

P.S The Reflective Printable is available HERE
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