Shine as an Educator

#85 Shine as an Educator – Are You Happy as an Educator?

Are you happy as an Educator?
Do you enjoy spending time with the children
What things do you do each day that make you happy?
Take a step back, sit somewhere and enjoy being with the children
We spoke a while ago about cram packing too much into the children’s days AND I challenged myself this week to do an exercise with the children…
I will challenge you to do it as well

Choose somewhere to sit,
>> How long can you be there?
>> How will your children react?
>> How does it make you feel?
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I realised that I am proud of my children AND proud of how predictable
I am with them… that yes being an educator does make me happy!!
Take a step back and think about this challenge,
what will you learn about yourself from doing it?
It’s not always about the push,
we are here to encourage the children to be their own people
If we are steering them, forcing them to conform all the time,

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how are they going to know what makes them happy?
The same as if we are putting so much pressure on ourself to keep up
and conform and push, push, push – when is the time to step back and say…
Is this making me happy??

I would love to hear from you

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