Shine as an Educator

#87 Shine as an Educator – Educators Need Curiosity

How do you use curiosity to take the pressure off as an educator?
My discussions this week have been with educators that just aren’t coping.
How can you introduce the concept of curiosity to better help you cope.
As educators we want to do more then cope.
We want to love our days, enjoy our days and know what we are offering
the children is valuable and meaningful
but to do that we have to take the pressure off ourselves and
recognise that what we are doing is in who we are.
Set at least three intentions around curiosity.
So this could be with your intentional teaching,
your experiences with the children or some changes you want to make
and we discuss routines, structures and A and R.
Curiosity is a mindset tool that I believe will help you as an educator
especially if you are not coping in certain areas around
being an early childhood educator, in your care setting.
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Highly strung, not coping educator will of course create highly strung
NOT coping children.
Such a negative but true statement.
Educators need to put into place ways that support
and take the pressure off us as educators,
while still meeting all the needs of our children, families and community.

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