Shine as an Educator

#90 Shine as an Educator – Is Fun Unprofessional?

Is fun part of your day?
How high a priority is fun to you?
Does fun keep you motivated?
Does fun keep you focused?
Does fun help you like what you do?
Is fun something you need?
Is fun something you push aside and
declare not professional or not needed?
Do you prioritise fun when you are programming your day?
If so why and if not why not?
How can you put more fun into your day?
Is it something you need to think about and add when programming?
Can you add more fun within your interactions
with the children, educators and adults?
Let’s debunk the concept that being fun isn’t professional,
this just has to be a statement that get’s the boot!!
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If you want the children to love being with you, have fun,
build trust and let them know that what they think and say is important.
If you want to stay motivated,
not board and really enjoy being an early childhood educator
it is time to add fun to your days.
There are so many ways to add fun into your days.
Take advantage of this time of year whether it be Christmas experiences,
end of term celebrations, Summer fun…
Who became the fun police??

I would love to hear from you

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