Shine as an Educator

# 95 Shine As An Educator – How Are You Breaking Down Your Programming?

How are you breaking down your programming?
Do you break your programming down when you need to move forward?
How do you start?
How do you improve what you do?
How do you save time?
What do your children need from you right now, in care?
By breaking your programming down,
looking at each of the parts of your programming
you will be able to work out where to start.
One part will feel more difficult,
One part will be slower then the rest,
this is where to focus on so that you can start to improve,
feel more confident and move forward on your journey as an educator.
Are you finding your programming easy
but struggling with all the Extras?
What systems do you have in place – that works – and here is the key!
You need to know the way that will work for you.
Look at where you are at…
Look at where the other educators around you are at.
Go through each of the parts of your programming,
go through your systems,
look at the children,
look at the bigger picture.
Now is the time to work at ONE part!
Choose what you need to work on so that your programming
and educating journey will come with ease and flow.
How can you create ease and flow as you go
through your journey of being an educator?
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
Be kind to yourself
Recognise where you are on your journey,
as a FDC or centre based educator.
Recognise that there are many parts to programming
AND to being an early childhood educator.
Work through it in parts so it’s not overwhelming.
Being an educator is a challenge and needs to be recognised as one,
there is so much to focus on and learn,
to say there is not is selling ourselves short.
Break your programming down or anything you are stagily with or want
to improve and work on one part at a time.
I have been an early childhood educator for 23 years
and everything has changed so much.
We need to continue to grow,
develop and evolve as educators
if we are going to give our precious children what they need as well.

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