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# 96 Shine as an Educator – Is Back to Basics Important For Your Programming?

Is Back to Basics important for your programming?
I definitely believe YES
But some educators are really drawn to complicating it
and doing a little extra, every day,
which is fabulous as long as you have the basics 100%
If we are overwhelmed or not coping then
what can you do to begin to cope again.
I believe going back to basics is a great start.
Are you in the habit or routine of making everything that little bit harder?
Do you have habits or routines that really don’t serve you or the children?
Where can you go back to basics?
Where can you peel back some of the complexity of what you are doing
– even if it is only for a week
– peel back some of the extras and
make a conscious choice to make what you do this week a little easier.
So some areas you may like to Critically Reflect on
or discuss with another educator are;
Connection to parents
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
Don’t try and make your life harder
by overcomplicating what we do as educators!
Being an Educator can be challenging
– of course it can be
– there are Children, Parents, Colleagues, our Family’s to navigate
Parents want their children to be safe,
nurtured and engaged.
Our precious children need educators that
LOVE being educators and that is what I want for you.
Why don’t you try peeling back some layers,
un-complicating what you are doing,
stepping back to basics and feeling how much better it can feel.

I would love to hear from you

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