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#97 Shine as an Educator – Do You Use Visual Cues With Your Children?

Do you use visual cues with your children?
So many different ways to use them…
Supporting children making choices
Visual cues can be an amazing tool,
we as educators are NOT using to support our children with.
If children are not coping then they are NOT coping
and it is our responsibility as educators
to step up and offer a new level of support.
Children deserve to have educators that have the tools,
they need, to support our precious children.
This is a great critical reflection question,
do you have children that would benefit
from being supported with visual cues?
Look at your Routines, Communication and Choices
you are expecting your children to make
would they be supported with visual cues?
YOU CAN create visual cues!
I LOVE making resources some I have are…
>> We have pictures up for hand washing,
>> We have a pictorial routine game for morning
that the children place in order,
>> We have picture books of our family to start discussions
Share with us what you currently do?
What could you offer more?
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
If you know there are things that could help your children in care
then they are worth investigating!!
Investigate different ways to support the children in your care
We all know how overwhelming it can be to NOT cope!
It is our responsibility as early childhood educators
to step up and take the steps,
take action and help children in your care
that are not coping in whatever way possible.

I would love to hear from you

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