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#98 Shine as an Educator – Does Your Communication with Children Build Confidence?


Does your communication with Children build confidence?
The way we speak to those around us, adults, educators or children,
we need it to NOT be controlling, confining or rude.
We want it to be positive!!
Adults can get into a habit of making statements
such as be careful, slow down, watch what you are doing,
these statements are NOT helpful and are too general to build confidence.
This week I will be really thinking about
how I speak with the children.
Is how I speak to the children positive,
is it extending their understanding,
is it helping rather than being controlling or negative?
We need to encourage the children to speak kindly to each other as well.
This is a beautiful article from Josee at Backwoods Mama…/stop-te…
Are you creating a level of anxiety and fear
by the way you speak to your children?
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
Stop, Breathe and Reflect…
Is what you are about to say helpful,
confidence building and positive to the challenge
at hand with your children?
Josee shares with us some lovely alternatives to share with the children
to encourage them to think or to take different actions.
“Every time you want to say “Be Careful!”
see it as an opportunity to help your child foster greater awareness
of their environment and their bodies. Try saying:
> Notice how… these rocks are slippery,
the log is rotten, that branch is strong.” Josee
It is our responsibility to use positive language with our children
and Josee has some wonderful statements for you to use.
When things trigger you, or upset you,
or make you feel icky and not nice, work out why!!
Why did this experience feel so icky for me?
Is this something you can use
and reflect on with your work with the children.
How can I use this to reflect on my actions…
or our actions with the children…

I would love to hear from you

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