Am I sharing the real me?

So My journaling question today – Am I sharing the real me?
The good the bad and the ugly??
And Oh my goodness there is ugly this week!!
Yesterday I had to take a sick day…
The first in over 12 months or so
The guilt was overwhelming
The want to push my body and mind past the point of coping
To stay my normal routine
To just keep pushing through
I want to be reliable for my parents
I want to be professional
I want to provide an amazing service
I want… I want… I want…
BUT at some stage my monkey mind kicks out
and my reality kicks in…
If I am to be all these things, all these I wants
I need to take a step back
I need to take care of myself
I need to put myself first – Easy to Say
So very hard to DO!
So with a deep breath
And a heavy dose of Codral
I rang each of my parents…
No care today!!
AND they were amazing – they really were
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It wasn’t them I was worried about
It was me
The pressure
The judging
The second guessing
It all comes from ME
Self Care
Being kind to ourselves
We underestimate the effect
OUR OWN harshness has on ourselves.
My message to you
How can you be kind to – YOU TODAY?
Take a step back
ARE you pushing yourself
When you could be kind to yourself?
I would love to know
Have YOU had this realisation too
OR are you still struggling with it like me?
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