And That's ok

And That’s OK…

YOU are an educator
You know your worth, your truth, your passion
BUT sometimes life get’s in the way
YOU are human
the same as the rest of us
YOU are caring, loving, supporting others
every day
YOU are who you need to be
and right NOW
YOU need to look after yourself
Why as women do we feel the need to apologies
when we can’t keep up
When crazy things happen in our lives
and we still feel the need to apologies
When we need to care for those closest and dearest to us
and we still apologies
Life does NOT get in the way
It reminds us what’s important
It gives us that nudge to be grateful for the good times
It gives us the HUGE reminder that sometimes things just do not go right
BUT even when they don’t go right
and YOU need a little time
NOTHING will change
YOU are still loved
YOU are still caring, loving, supportive
YOUR inner strength, values and passion
ARE all still there
AND they will shine through when YOU are ready
Take the time YOU need
Refill your own cup first with NO apology needed
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Early Childhood Educators give so much every day
YES every day
Supporting, guiding, loving our precious children
Our families and our community
Are YOU apologising when it is just not needed ?
Are you apologising where YOU just don’t need to ?
Claim your worth
Refill your own cup first >> with no apology needed !!
Feel and own your strengths as an educator
Feel the support of educators that have been where you are,
are where you are,
know the struggles but also the triumphs
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