Are you a Motivated Educator?


I was asked this week…

What keeps me motivated as an educator??

Pretty straight forward question – you would think – or not!!


I have pondered – critically reflected (maybe) all week, I wanted to give a down to earth, heart felt, real answer and seriously there is quite a lot to share. Motivation, I believe is a bit hard to describe but I will try 😉

Motivation -noun 1. a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Does it ring true to you … Staying Motivated, is all about staying positive and creating steps, to look at your big picture; in a way that brings positive feelings to you!!


So lets see,

#I love spending the day with my Son!! To move into any other profession would mean missing out on this special time with him.


#I make a difference in children’s lives – being a member of our family is pretty special – offering small group quality child care through Family Day Care offers a needed valuable service to families.


#To me owning my own business is really important and something I am super proud of – happy to shout really loud – I work hard and I love having my own business.


Oh yer that’s me and I would love to know if this is you too??


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I can let you into a secret!!
Being motivated as an educator, is not always as easy as it sounds. There are times when positive thinking and recognising the benefits, when we do need a little extra bit of a nudge, so what can we do??


Motivation Pick me ups from Simple Reflect


#Creating a list of all the things you love, the benefits your family achieves from having you run a – successful business – having your own Family Day Care

Try and make a list once a year – when your coming up on re-registration and it’s a bit tough, this is a great time to revisit your list.


#Recognise that we are human and we are always going to have ups and downs in life, as well as business. Be KIND to yourself.


#Make some changes!! Everything is not always going to go smoothly, personality clashes, working times, ages of children, changes of circumstances, Declare that something is not working and change it.


My final ah ha moment that I have to share with you is –
Never underestimate the benefits of a strong supportive network. Take time to offer others support, sharing ideas and tips that have worked, for you, will build understanding and a network of likeminded strong educators 🙂


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