Reflective Practice – What does it mean to you?

As I am sure many of you know
I work with educators finding their way with Programming,
Guiding, supporting and sharing what I have learnt along the way on my journey
as an educator.
I love to support educators with taking a serious look at
What’s working?
AND what’s not!?!
Now how do you tell if your program is NOT working
1. You have unsettled children or crazy days that just don’t work
2. You don’t feel fulfilled as an educator
3. You have that nagging feeling that you need to change something but you are not
quite sure what?
Really the only way to move forward is with Reflective practice
Reflecting on again
What is working?
AND what is not!?!
Critical Reflecting on our practices as early childhood educators.
I popped up a meme this week that says just this
“Focus on Reflective Practice to move forward” and I am really serious about this if you
are feeling stuck, unhappy as an educator or like something needs to change
then you need to start using Reflective practice.
Now I have worked really hard to simplify this over the last year, into a way that is
and the nuts and bolt of what is important
not wishy washy theory
but what really is proven to work.
TO REALLY REFLECT AND GET RESULTS there are three things I recommend and if you
have been listening, reading, sharing our time with Shine as an Educator you will know this already
– but this is where I wanted to start…
1.. LOOK AT A CRITICAL REFLECTION QUESTION – What do we actually need to look at, what is it
that we are struggling with, articulate it, break it down, what is the crocs of the issue that
needs be to improve and requires or demands our focus.
What is not working for us as educators, what is not working with the children or within
the setting we are in.
2.. A CHALLENGE – brainstorming about all the different ideas we have to improve a
situation – pick one and put it into place – really commit to taking action
3.. AND THEN A TOP TIP FOR YOU – which is about seeking out what work for others, getting
advice from experienced educators
These are my actual steps for reflective practice and I hope it helps you, whether you do
this weekly or monthly is totally up to YOU.
But over the past year I have been doing this
with many educators and the feedback is incredible – it really, really WORKS!!
My aim this year is to really connect and support as many educators as I can.
The two real stand out struggles from last year that I receive questions and
requests for help with are Reflective Practice and educators feeling isolated or even
And this really does effect me – it makes me feel sad that educators are not finding what
they – YOU – need and I am really wanting to step up this year and do something about
So because reflective practice has become such a big part of what I am doing and how I
am currently helping educators
I have Shine as an Educator the podcast that you may like to check out HERE
I have also put together Shine as an Educator the mini ebook which is a workbook for
the FREE 4 week challenge to claim and connect with the support you need and really
stepping into the year on the right foot.
FREE Shine as an Educator Mini Ebook Reflective Practice Challenge

Come and join us…
It’s exciting to know we already have a growing beautiful community of awesome
educators that have joined and are benefiting from their new found confidence and
understanding of Reflective Practice.
My commitments this year is to offer something that I know educators will
love, get a lot out of and be able to offer it for free.
FREE Shine as an Educator Mini Ebook Reflective Practice Challenge

Remember to Shine as an Educator


Are you a Motivated Educator?


I was asked this week…

What keeps me motivated as an educator??

Pretty straight forward question – you would think – or not!!


I have pondered – critically reflected (maybe) all week, I wanted to give a down to earth, heart felt, real answer and seriously there is quite a lot to share. Motivation, I believe is a bit hard to describe but I will try 😉

Motivation -noun 1. a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Does it ring true to you … Staying Motivated, is all about staying positive and creating steps, to look at your big picture; in a way that brings positive feelings to you!!


So lets see,

#I love spending the day with my Son!! To move into any other profession would mean missing out on this special time with him.


#I make a difference in children’s lives – being a member of our family is pretty special – offering small group quality child care through Family Day Care offers a needed valuable service to families.


#To me owning my own business is really important and something I am super proud of – happy to shout really loud – I work hard and I love having my own business.


Oh yer that’s me and I would love to know if this is you too??


Check out Simple Reflect – The Easiest Way to Document


I can let you into a secret!!
Being motivated as an educator, is not always as easy as it sounds. There are times when positive thinking and recognising the benefits, when we do need a little extra bit of a nudge, so what can we do??


Motivation Pick me ups from Simple Reflect


#Creating a list of all the things you love, the benefits your family achieves from having you run a – successful business – having your own Family Day Care

Try and make a list once a year – when your coming up on re-registration and it’s a bit tough, this is a great time to revisit your list.


#Recognise that we are human and we are always going to have ups and downs in life, as well as business. Be KIND to yourself.


#Make some changes!! Everything is not always going to go smoothly, personality clashes, working times, ages of children, changes of circumstances, Declare that something is not working and change it.


My final ah ha moment that I have to share with you is –
Never underestimate the benefits of a strong supportive network. Take time to offer others support, sharing ideas and tips that have worked, for you, will build understanding and a network of likeminded strong educators 🙂


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Role modelling – fun – or both??



How can we start our programming…


What is the very first step – What should we actually do!!


Are you passionate about creating learning experiences for children?


But aren’t quite sure where to start?


I have a lot of discussions with educators and they go just like this…



I do find programming difficult, I can have it all in my head but putting it on paper with the right wording is hard.
Unlike • Reply • 1 • Jun 19, 2015 4:31pm


Absolutely, Have you tried jottings? Writing three short sentences that help us get out of our heads what we are trying to say, or where we would like to go with the experience. Then coming back to them later and deciding if the jottings need expanding or could they be left like that? Kath



Sometimes just one little tip can make the world of difference!!


I loved sharing my 5 Top Tips for Documenting over with Nicky at Start your own family day care, I was very excited. Stepping up and starting your own business is a massive undertaking and networking with new educators to start their journey on the right foot – with confidence and a clear direction – is something I find very rewarding.


Check out Simple Reflect – The Easiest Way to Document


So 3 tips to stop the confusion – where to start your program???…

1. Keep it simple to begin with, small steps that you are comfortable with and are able to manage moving forward. Write short jottings or notes often less is more when we are starting…


2. Create environments/setting/experiences that are age appropriate and seriously again less is more!! Overwhelmed children will lead to children flitting from one experience to the other with no real learning or value taking place. Write down and celebrate the achievements children make when exploring these settings.


3. Find yourself a ‘Buddy’ an experienced educator that you can bounce ideas off. Everyone needs a little extra support when starting something new – use this opportunity to build a great network around you both online and if possible in the flesh too.


Keep  it  simple

There is sooo much to wrap our heads around when starting a new business – especially one that involves the wellbeing of our precious children…


I’d love to hear from you – What other support do you need right now?


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How to get into a good daily routine.



Winter is here!!


Winter is here and I am well into programming our experiences for the next few months. Are You??


There are a few priorities that become forefront at this time of year and I mean for all of us – Educators, Children and Families


Priorities for winter - Middle


A few habits that are necessities when working with children – to teach and definitely do ourselves!!


Multivitamins – even if you don’t feel they are worthwhile in the warmer months
Washing Hands – Oh yes wash, wash and wash, new songs in winter… discourage children from putting their hands/fingers in their mouths, very difficult for toddlers but we can at least try.
Staying consistent with families on the level of ‘well’ you expect children to be coming into care and the same for yourself – if you need a sick day take one!!



Do you struggle through winter??


Some Educators, children and families can really struggle through Winter – It is worth being aware of this and show how caring, thoughtful and understanding you can be. Are you ready to give that extra bit of support. Injecting a level of energy and vibrance into your business can be amazing and uplifting to everyone around you.


Check out Simple Reflect – The Easiest Way to Document



Is there nothing worse then walking into a space that is bitterly cold!! Or even the opposite – stuffy with that closed up can’t breath stale air feel. Winter can be so tricky. Families have their own interpretation of warm, the management of children and their layers of clothes can take a fair bit of thoughtful, respectful communication.



A great routine can help in Winter, but do you do a little extra?? – We do 🙂 Extra dancing, yoga, role play, indoor trampoline and practicing our skills like hopping, rolling and jumping.



Lol I have three boys and learnt quite a while ago that children need outside time – no matter what the weather – my Family Day care families understand my feelings about winter and most days we feed the chooks and check the mail especially when its super cold and snowy. That’s what gumboots, Jackets and beanies are for.


I’d Love to hear about your Winter thoughts…


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