#00 Shine as an Educator


I LOVE working with educators, I love networking and chatting about each others
journey, business’s, challenges and triumphs.
Creating a Podcast seemed like the natural way to share and interact, especially when I
started to receive and answer so many of the same questions from educators over and
Yes I’m excited and really ready to share…
But first up here is… A bit about me…
-I am proud to be a mum of 3 strong willed – independent boys.
-An Early Childhood Educator for over 20 years.
-Educating out precious children and running a successful business is what I really love!!
I share a bit more in this blog post -Is your business a reflection of you
Do you have burning questions – You now have somewhere to ask them!!
I am excited to share with you a…
Top Tip
Let’s make your educating journey a success…
I would love to hear from you
Links for this Podcast:
iTunes (still to get)