Supporting Creativity, Supporting Choice :)

Yesterday I offered the children Christmas tree craft
Pre-cut trees, Green paint, Stars and sequins
I tried to be a little more mainstream
NOT often how I program
You know
Offer the children preplanned pieces for them
to create Christmas trees to take home…
Or was it?

The children chatted about the trees,
about presents they want under the tree,
what they were planning to give others –
a great opportunity to support conversation,
social skills, recall and expressing their feelings
Half way through beautiful Miss E shared
she would RATHER paint her feet then the tree…
Let’s leave the trees
‘What colour would you like to paint your feet?’ I asked
So we did
Huge pieces of paper
Red and Green Paint
The children painting their own feet
Using their feet as stamps
Stomping and hopping
Can you imagine the splatter, the mess, but gee we had fun
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Child led
Child focused
Child creativity
We now have 4 big pieces of paper to send home as wrapping paper
And we may even finish our trees today if the children WANT to
How are YOU supporting creativity?
How are YOU listening to your children and supporting their choices?
Would YOU have supported their change in focus?
I had chosen NOT to program any craft this year around foot prints
The children just hadn’t shown any interest
in painting themselves like last year…
But here is the interest,
showing up
presented and supported yesterday as it came up
I would love to hear how YOU have changed your program
on the run to support children’s interests?
Are you offering foot prints as part of your Christmas programming?
If so – Is it for the right reasons?
P.S I would love to see your Christmas experiences 🙂
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Do They Really Matter?

One Decision
Each decision
Every decision we make while, supporting, guiding, loving
our precious children MATTERS
They do matter
AND they matter now!!
I have been reading about making choices,
how much decisions matter to adults
and – as it always does –
my thinking went straight to our children
We make choices every day
We make decisions that effect the wellbeing,
development and learning of our children
Do we take it seriously
Seriously enough?
I would like to say yes
THIS is WHY we are educators
Conscious early childhood educators
BUT sadly I know sometimes the answer is NO
So I will share my thoughts again
The decisions we make EACH and EVERY day
with our children
for our children
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So next time…
You question what you are doing for the day?
You question why you are doing what you are doing?
You question your methods
the importance of trying again when something goes wrong…
AND there will always be questions
there will always be times we ask why?
WE work with children there are always things that don’t go quite to plan!
Know that what you DO next MATTERS
The choices YOU make to keep going
follow up with something exciting
encourage resilience
a kind reassuring word
stop for a snuggle
It IS a choice
and as educators we make these choices
every single minute of every single day
What choices have you made today
Do you need to change your choices?
Do you need to take a second look?
How can you serve YOUR children you care for?
Serve them through the choices YOU are making
Knowing that what you choose DOES matter
Share with us, at this time of year, when everything is a little crazy
and our children need our consistency and reassurance
what choices are you making?
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My ONE Advice for YOU Today

Sometimes I find myself saying the same things over and over
This month has been one of those months
Yes I have LOVED mentoring my 1:1 clients
EVERY one of them – at some stage
I have said the same thing to…
==>> Start from where you are at!!
“I’m not experienced at programming”
Start from where you are at!
“I’m not comfortable with this age group”
Start from where you are at!
“I’ just don’t like Critical Reflection”
Start from where you are at!
“I can’t think of Follow Ups,
how do educators think of follow ups?”
Start from where you are at!
“My programming time was taken this week,
I can’t program with no time”
Start from where you are at!
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“Follow ups just don’t work for me”
Start from where you are at!
“I can’t think of experiences for this age group”
Start from where you are at!
These are all from this month
They are all real fears from beautiful educators
We are all in the same boat
Fears come up when we least expect them
Questions that niggle away at us
We need to question
We need to brainstorm
We need to put time and energy into growing and taking the next step
If we are going to move forward
At some stage
We NEED to silence the fear
To move past the fear
And YES one of my favourite sayings
That is part of my inner voice
==>> Feel the fear and do it anyway
Our Children are depending on us
They rely on us, to find a solution
To acknowledge the fear, the nagging voice,
the questioning or dislike that we are recognising
AND do it anyway
YOU really can…
Start from where you are at!
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If YOU Don’t Step Up => They Miss Out…

A clear true statement that came to me as I hung up from a call
It hit me like a ton of bricks
When I am so certain of something
It takes my breath away
This is one of those REAL moments
When my inner voice shouts at me
To think for an extra minute
Not to – just keep pushing on
Take note of what my inner voice is feeling
If YOU don’t step up => They miss out…
The precious children we work with
ARE counting on us
They NEED us to step up
To offer them the best we can offer
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Creative, caring and positive
Encouraging, engaging and guiding
Kind, understanding, true, real and trustworthy
I love the educators I work with
They are stepping up
They are recognising they need help
They are moving themselves forward one step at a time
Children are with us for such a short snippet of time
It is up to early childhood educators to recognise
the difference they are making – to know it – to own it
My call was with a beautiful educator
She was nervous, unsure and questioning her role as an educator
She had a list of reasons why…
WHY she couldn’t be the educator she wanted to be

Let me share HER list with you
> She was too inexperienced
> Not confident around the children that age
> Was expected to guide the other educators in her room
> Had missed her programming time
Now she also shared with me
> Her love for the children
> Her goals and struggles,
how hard she had worked to become an educator,
her determination and strength
> The way she loves interacting and encouraging the children
> Her excitement to see the children interested in new projects and
random wonderful things they may do for the day
It is clear
She loves being an educator
And after reading her list I have some questions for YOU…
> How experienced is ‘experienced enough’ to make a difference?
> How do you become confident around children of any age
but to spend time with them?
> Can you guide and support others by being a shinning example?
> If you are taking clear notes, and following the children’s interests,
know their strengths, have a clear cycle;
can you keep going with caring for the children?
NOW is the time for her to step up
To recognise she is making a difference
The children in our care
May only be with us…
A few months – A term – A year or A few years
Any way we look at it, time is IMPORTANT, they will NOT get it back!!
What are your choices??
HOW long will you WAIT –
without offering the children valuable experiences –
because you are waiting for someone more experienced to come along?
HOW long will you WAIT –
to become more confident?
HOW long will you WAIT –
when will you be ready to interact and guide others,
be the shinning example you could be now?
HOW long will you WAIT –
will you get your programming time?
TAKE ACTION – Do what you know now and the rest will come
TAKE ACTION – Find someone to bounce ideas off and support you
TAKE ACTION – Do what you can now
TAKE ACTION – Take notes, offer value and
make your program a true cycle.
So many educators, beautiful educators spend too much time…
Questioning what you are doing
Doubting your own ability
Criticising yourselves and others around you
It’s time to step up
If YOU don’t step up => They miss out…
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