ONE Question?

ONE Question?
There is ONE question I haven’t asked
A QUESTION that needs your attention
I want you to stop
Be CONSCIOUS of your thoughts right now as you ask yourself this…
Is your purpose to be happy?
As a beautiful, loving, caring human is your purpose to be happy?
What is my purpose?
What is your purpose?
Do YOU know…
We have spoken about being fun and real,
Being passionate and motivated,
Removing the pressure we put on ourselves
AND recognising the knowledge and skill YOU have
I also ask YOU questions…EVERY week…
As an educator
=> Do YOU give yourself credit for your knowledge, your focus,
your unwavering commitment to the children in your care?
=> Are YOU reflecting on your practice? Are you making ongoing changes
you need to make?
=> Are YOU confident and certain around your programming? your documenting?
=> Are you passionate and motivated?
Does being an early childhood educator make you HAPPY?
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Only YOU can answer this
It’s a question I haven’t thought on before
It came up in my journaling this morning and I wanted to ask YOU
Why haven’t I thought on this before? I really don’t know…
Have you?
Have you asked yourself this question before?
Does being an early childhood educator make me HAPPY?
I love what I do
I have joy, passion and commitment
So am I going to say YES? Do I believe it makes me happy?
I enjoy most days
I make a difference
I connect with children
I support families
I am contributing to my own family’s wellbeing and financial means
There are so many positives, I could list them for days
I look for the positives FIRST
I am grateful for my life as an educator
YES I am going to say my answer is YES
What do you NEED to be happy as an educator?
Someone to bounce ideas off?
A community that understands?
Do you NEED help with your programming, your documenting?
Reach out, connect and you will find the support and answers you are looking for…
We have an awesome growing FREE community in Shine as an Educator HERE

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IS BEING an Educator Really for YOU?

What do I need to share
What do I need to say??
This year for me
Is about connecting with educators
Is about building a community
Is about sharing my message
Deep inside I believe EDUCATORS change the world!!
WE change children’s lives
We change the life journey of EVERY child we care for…
TOO Much?
Are you uncomfortable with what I just wrote
Well here’s the thing
If you are not recognising the difference YOU make
If you are not being the educator YOU know you can be
If you are not celebrating being an early childhood educator
IS BEING an educator really for YOU?
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Sometimes we need a little nudge…
To recognise what we are doing matters
That we are making a difference
That there is a BIGGER picture that YOU are part of
Some days are hard
Some days do NOT go quite right
Some days we question, we cry… Yes we do…
We jump up and down and questions some more
BUT most days
And I hope this is true for you
Most days are pretty good
Better than good they are creative, connective and dare I say it fun
Today I was sent a mem
“If it’s not fun – I’m not doing it”
It was from a professional adult I admire
And my first thought was => “But life isn’t always fun”
Life can be about doing the hard stuff
Achieving by moving through the challenges
AND as educators our days, an hour or even a minute can be a challenge to get through
If you are an early childhood educator
YOU know what I am talking about
YOU know > you REALLY do
So I ask you again
IS BEING an educator really for YOU?
I hope you say YES
I hope you jump up and down and CELEBRATE
Celebrate being an educator
Celebrate the difference you are making
It’s NOT too much to say
On our journey as early childhood educators
We need to Celebrate, to connect, to build a community that understands
Understands the journey, the struggles
AND the triumphs!!
P.S Let’s Celebrate => Let’s connect and support each other
Claim a community that understands your journey
AND let me help YOU

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2nd Pre Work = Follow ups

Whether you are thinking of joining us for our next course or not
The Joy of Follow ups => What’s next?
Let me share our 2nd PRE WORK with YOU…
You can find the 1st PRE WORK HERE
Do you have an idea muscle?
It’s an interesting question isn’t it…
Pre work 1 saw you questioning how well you know your children
Pre work 2 is all about choosing follow up experiences that will benefit your children and that YOU CAN actually program and offer!
Pre work 1. I asked you to choose ONE child and ONE follow up experience
So let’s look at WHY you chose the experience you chose?
1.. Was it the first one you thought of?
2.. Was it the only thing you could think of?
3.. Why did you feel it would benefit the child?
4.. Was it really the best = most valuable experience you could offer?
Choosing follow up experiences for the children takes practice, focus and a real understanding of children’s development.

=> Make a list of 5 experiences you could offer your same child as a follow up experience.
5 experiences you can actually do…
1.. You have the resources
2.. You have the time to set up
3.. You have the area and space
You need to think about the concept of building your idea muscle.
The more you use it the better you will be at it.
We will be working on this AND building our ease, confidence and certainty around choosing experiences for worthwhile, valuable follow up experiences.
It IS important to ask What’s next, What’s next, What’s next?
P.S Watch for tomorrows Pre work Exercise or Jump into the EYPMastermind and get ready to build your knowledge around follow ups = Confidence and Certainty around what’s next!
Questioning your program, takes time
Struggling with what’s next, takes time
Umming and Arring is this right, takes time
Give me half hour of your time once a week and you will find yourself building confidence, building certainty and claiming back your time every day!!
Is it worth it => YES IT IS
Grab your spot
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Follow ups

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Why Oh Why?

Oh My Goodness
EVERY single thing YOU do CAN BE FUN
Can be real, can be better in some way
Challenge yourself
Challenge yourself as an Educator
Challenge yourself as an Early Childhood Educator
How can you find the FUN in everything YOU do WITH the children?
I CAN’T stand it – the whinging – the whining – the negativity from educators
IF YOU need to have a whinge
Do it in a way that will move you forward
Do it with the aim to find a SOLUTION
A solution YOU can use
A solution that will help YOUR children
A solution that will see a better day for YOU and your precious children
PLEASE don’t whinge and whine without a goal
Without an aim
Without a purpose
Without the dedication of trying all the suggestions thrown at YOU
Yes ASK for help
Yes whinge and whine occasionally
Listen for the help
Listen for the understanding that comes
Listen for the experiences that will be shared with you
Take them
TAKE them and USE them…
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
Do NOT put them in the too hard basket
Do NOT save them for another day
Do NOT continue to whinge and whine without an aim to grasp onto help, move forward with determination and make it work
Why oh Why ?
As grown, amazing, professional educators
AND Yes I wanted to say women
But we have amazing men too
Why oh Why
Do educators continue to whinge and whine
Without the determination to draw a line in the sand
make a change
Change something
TRY something
Claim the help that is offered to YOU
NOW!! YES Right NOW!!
P.S What advise have you been given lately that YOU needed to listen to?
Share with us in the Shine as an Educator Facebook group

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