iS iT LUCK ?!?

A beautiful text has triggered some reflecting this morning
How AM I so lucky to have awesome family’s
I love my care children
I really DO
Yes I interview well
I ASK the HARD questions – right from the start
Share my quirks – I have a few
AND expectations
I offer care that’s individualised
That reflects MY values
That connects with certain types of family’s
And THEN what?
Then WE build connection
A predictable, professional relationship
Clear respectful communication
That cares, loves and supports
Guides and educates
AND it continues…
and YEARS!!
Is it LUCK?
I don’t think so
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There’s NO WAY this is LUCK
It is consistency,
it is tried and tested
It is listening,
it is offering a service
That parents WANT, NEED and LOVE!!
For their child
For their FAMILY
HOW are YOU… building consistent – predictable – professional relationships with YOUR family’s??
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Am I sharing the real me?

So My journaling question today – Am I sharing the real me?
The good the bad and the ugly??
And Oh my goodness there is ugly this week!!
Yesterday I had to take a sick day…
The first in over 12 months or so
The guilt was overwhelming
The want to push my body and mind past the point of coping
To stay my normal routine
To just keep pushing through
I want to be reliable for my parents
I want to be professional
I want to provide an amazing service
I want… I want… I want…
BUT at some stage my monkey mind kicks out
and my reality kicks in…
If I am to be all these things, all these I wants
I need to take a step back
I need to take care of myself
I need to put myself first – Easy to Say
So very hard to DO!
So with a deep breath
And a heavy dose of Codral
I rang each of my parents…
No care today!!
AND they were amazing – they really were
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It wasn’t them I was worried about
It was me
The pressure
The judging
The second guessing
It all comes from ME
Self Care
Being kind to ourselves
We underestimate the effect
OUR OWN harshness has on ourselves.
My message to you
How can you be kind to – YOU TODAY?
Take a step back
ARE you pushing yourself
When you could be kind to yourself?
I would love to know
Have YOU had this realisation too
OR are you still struggling with it like me?
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>> How are other people’s should’s effecting YOU?? <<

I ask myself questions when I journal
When I reflect on the week
When I reflect on my week as an educator
This question came up
How are other people’s ‘should’s’ effecting me as an educator??
This week I have read questions about…
>> hours of care (when should you open your FDC)?
>> pricing your care (should you raise your price)?
>> would you give notice (should I give notice to this family)?
I get it – we feel isolated – we want to bounce ideas off others
We crave connection and understanding
I get it – it’s not often an easy decision to make
We crave the ability to not make mistakes
I get it – it’s not something we have had to deal with before
We crave the experience of others
BUT we ARE educators
We love the connection with the children
We love that in their eyes we don’t make mistakes
We love that we can guide them through our growing experience
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BUT still we question
We question ourselves as educators
We look to others when we NEED to do what works for US…
Reflect on our practice
Journal or take time to think
Take time to refill our own cup
BEFORE we try and support or question others
ASK YOURSELF what is the right answer?
What will work for ME
What will work for MY family?
Deep inside YOU know – YOU really DO!!
Share with me, what questions are YOU struggling with
Take on advice, experience and what works for me
BUT then step away
AND decide what will work for YOU??
Share with me – WHAT WILL WORK FOR YOU??
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That does not mean BORING
Today was our pyjama day and I LOVE it
I really do
The children LOVE it
and that makes for a fabulous day
We attended our playgroup PJ party
The children were super excited
Super Excited Children = Happy Parents
BUT I found myself with that little niggle
The questions that pop up
When we aren’t 100% comfortable
Guiding the children across the carpark
YES In my PJ’s
With four little people
ALL in our PJ’s
The questioning looks – Judging looks
You know the ones
What are you up to?
Why are you dressed like that – OR why aren’t you dressed?
Yes I took a deep breath
Yes I smiled to myself
AND re-convinced myself it was time for some fun
Have we forgotten FUN
FUN is a part of being an educator
Engaging children – Having FUN
An essential part of learning
Being positive
Offering Excitement
Encouraging being unique and individual
It’s all part of what we do
Part of being early childhood educators
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But there’s MORE
Isn’t “FUN” part of being a child?
Isn’t “FUN” part of life??
I want my children to HAVE FUN…
I WANT to have FUN!!
PJ party’s, special days…
What out of the ordinary do YOU offer
Encourage, guide and enable
FUN in your care setting – In YOUR LIFE??
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