What will his inner voice say?

Do you ever scroll mindlessly??
I don’t do it very often
but when I do
I love to take note of what catches my eye!!
This week it was the many memes about
the children’s inner voices
you know
the ones that say
a child inner voice will become what they hear the most
The way a parent talks to their child will become their inner voice
BUT what about the way an educator speaks to their children??
We have some of our precious children in care
a huge amount of hours
a generation that spends more of their waking hours
in care – then at home –
How we speak to them
WILL effect their inner voices
how they are supported
how they are encouraged
how they are nurtured
our next generations inner voice will be greatly effected by
how WE as EDUCATORS speak to them…
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
How do you as an early childhood educator
show kindness – when YOU speak?
show acceptance – when YOU speak?
guide and encourage – when YOU speak?
There is A LOT to think about in our changing world
Do you take time out
really think
really reflect
really know
the effect YOU as an early childhood educator
are having on the precious children

Remember to Shine 

P.s I would love to see the memes that speak to you?
If you have a favourite or one you love add them in the comments below…

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#59 Shine as an Educator – Do you know yourself?

Early Childhood Educators

Today I propped myself on a log to take some personal time and I will tell you about that
in a moment but
This week I was reflecting on Australia Day and I asked this very important question,
AND out of this question came private messages, comments and discussions around
– educators not coping
– educators pushing themselves too hard

Our Critical Reflection Question

What steps can you take BEFORE YOU burn out??
I really want to tell you about my week, where I spent 4 days!!
I literally spent 4 days sitting on a log on the Hawkesbury river.
We camped only a few meters from the waters edge and I know it’s not some peoples
idea of a relaxing time but I absolutely LOVED it.
Chatting with my family, relaxing, reconnecting having some serious down time that I
I need to emphasise to you – if you are going to be an effective, conscientious, loving
educator that really connects well with your families, goes that extra mile, then you need
to take time out to look after yourself.
Now this week camping
I got a little too much sun,
I’ve eaten a little too much food,
I have seriously saw arms from kayaking
BUT I am refreshed, reconnected, motivated and ready for the next few weeks.
We just took real time out for our family.
We have collected seeds, leaves, sticks to use in the coming week.
It definitely hasn’t been just recouping.
I have also had many awesome discussions about what I will be doing
over the next couple of weeks.
Because that is who I am!
My family knows that’s the types of conversations I like to have.

But here is our Challenge…

Decide on set time you will be claiming for YOU, this year!!
I must emphasise to you – take some time when you need it – take some time
BEFORE you need it!!
It may be 1 of three types of time
1. Small snippets of time, if you struggle to commit to take time for yourself then make
an appointment with yourself. It is easier to tell others you have an appointment and
really make a commitment to yourself.
2. Weekends away or two full days. Do something for YOU.
3. At least 2 if not 4 whole weeks. No exceptions. Book it in. Tell your families or bosses
and work out a savings plan. No exceptions.
You may take just 1 OR seriously all 3.
Plan how you are going to look after yourself.
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
I really love to recharge with family but also stepping away from my environment and
sometimes that means camping which has become something I love.
You may like a 5 star resort and if you plan, budget and look forward to that – then that
is perfect for you.
However you refill your cup is important to you.
Ask another educator – How are they refiling their cups?
How are they taking care of themselves?
How are they finding their versions of balance?
You may be surprised, you may find someone that is in great need of encouragement to
list to this podcast!

Top Tip

Don’t get hung up on finding balance.
We work with children, there is not always going to be balance
But one way we can recognise this is to have a routine or systems in place that will really
help us look after ourselves. Both when times are easy and working well AND when times
are really hard and are taking every bit of our energy to hold everything together.
Be aware of it,
Plan for it,
Take time regularly
Let’s NOT get to that very real place of BURN OUT!
If you are at a place of feeling total burn out then please get some professional help!!
But let’s get you back on track by recognising you need to set up firm boundaries,
routines that work and systems you will be able to rely on whilst on your journey as
an Early Childhood educator.
The Wonderful, resourceful, energetic early childhood educator that we strive so hard to
If you are wanting support with your Reflective practice I am running a four week FREE
challenge, why not download the FREE mini ebook and join us. HERE.

I would love to hear from you




Links for this Podcast:


We are diving into what’s MISSING…

I recorded and shared a podcast last week that I have been hesitant to write…
Did you see it??
#36 Shine as an Educator – Controversial Programming
Early childhood educators need to know some extra bits that they aren’t being told…
It frustrates me,
makes me furious,
and quite frankly very dismayed.
The incredibly talented Women and Men that are in our profession
are being led to believe they don’t do a ‘good’ enough job.
When in truth they are absolutely amazing, passionate, full of compassion and caring,
super knowledgable, dedicated beyond belief…
They are being led to believe they don’t do a ‘good’ enough job…
To run there own businesses, to have full thriving businesses that can support their
families and have an awesome lifestyle…
Now I run a Family Day Care and before you go – oh ok she is only speaking to Family
Day Care educators – I strongly encourage you to read on.
So a lot of the educators I work with are setting up and running their family day cares –
But – I also work with other early childhood educators and I am becoming more and
more frustrated, to the point that I just have to start writing, podcasting, life streaming –
shouting –
our educators are being stripped of their confidence
criticised for not knowing things they are not being taught
not being encouraged to even touch on the topic


Check out Simple Reflect – The Easiest Way to Document

I am aware you may not agree – No hate… please, My priority is the care, support and
valuable learning of our precious children, I am more than confident, if you read any of
my blogs, listen to my podcasts or even flick our facebook, you will know I try everything
in my power to empower our educators and to make sure they know the amazing
difference they can make in a child’s life.
Regardless of whether your service is FDC, OCC, LDC, Stand alone Preschool,
transitions to school programs (I could go on forever) Whatever early childhood service
you have been in, are currently in or planning to move into – at least in the back of your
mind – you should unequivocally understand that your service will not survive if it is not
ran as a business.
Here is the big ah ha moment
You need to know how that service you are in and the “ran as a business” sentence
I have just given you…
How it effects you??
How does it effect you??
Interesting question isn’t it…
Reflect on what it means for you as a person – as an educator – as a parent – as
someone that values early childhood education…
What does it mean to you??
Head over to the Shine as an Educator group HERE
SHARE with us how your THINKING changes about your work – not the care of the
children – or your commitment to your co-workers – but your THINKING when you
focus on running a business…
PS If you are looking for help with programming or to work with me send me a personal
message or head HERE

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Is your business a reflection of you?


Winter is here!!












1st Blog for the season16

Excited P L U S here is my first blog post for 2016!!
I’m taking time to reflect, reread, re-listen and explore which podcasts from Shine as an
Educator, resonated with you!!
Seriously, I have been on a huge learning curve this year. I set out on a big scary path
to share with you my journey as an early childhood educator and all things that have
worked (or not ) along the way.
I have been blogging for a while but starting a podcast meant there was a few more
skills to learn and it has been a challenging but interesting ride that I hope you
have enjoyed as well.
So strictly by the numbers and with no influence from me 😉 the winner is
#09 Shine as an Educator – Programming, Play based learning!
Yayy, this is awesome as programming is definitely – without a doubt – my focus area!!
Programming is the area I receive the most questions.
Where I get the biggest buzz from helping, brain storming, problem solving, and putting
into place a plan that works for educators. Where educators feel the biggest relief when
finally having a plan in place that works REALLY WORKS 🙂
Close second is
#01 Shine as an Educator
01 The first of our challenges – ha – a little insight into what happened when I completed
the challenge. As well as a Critical Reflection question and the top tip for the week.
We spoke about not just recognising what you are good at but taking time to celebrate
it. Being conscious of what you want to be recognised for and keeping that in mind
when having a shocker of a day, because we all have shockers occasionally.
Lucky Third is… woohoo…
#13 Shine as an Educator – Christmas Break…
Yep I think everyone was busting for Christmas, hanging out for the break but also
super keen to make sure nothing was missed before taking it!!
A top of the line Critical Reflection Question, Challenge and Top Tip. I shared my
‘must do’ before Christmas list, how important it is to forward think about time off,
as well as what I was including into my Newsletter.
Check out Simple Reflect – The Easiest Way to Document

There is a fair bit in episode 13 and I can see why it was a favourite 😀
I have a growing list of awesome topics for 2016, if you are struggling or would just
like some down to earth – practical help, I would love to hear from you x