Your Choice is the Right One!

So I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet >> So to speak
AND I shared it within the EYPMastermind last night
I thought it was just ME
BUT it’s definitely NOT and I now need to share…
I am a Family Day Care educator
I love being a FDC educator
It’s NOT my last choice
MY only choice
It’s NOT something I am doing while I wait for my children to grow
For a better option to come along
It’s NOT what I do while I’m training
Because I am not qualified to work elsewhere
It IS because it is MY CHOICE!
AND it works for me NOW!!
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I LOVE the choices FDC gives my family
I LOVE running my own business
I LOVE the connection and support I offer families
I LOVE knowing every day, I am making a difference to each child in my care
I do enjoy my days with the children
I do enjoy being at home rather than an office or centre environment
I absolutely enjoy connecting and offering support to educators
These are MY choices
I feel grateful for having this choice
Grateful for the choices I have made to get here
Grateful for MY family and their support
Grateful for MY clients who can see the value I offer
Individualised care >> small group setting >> mixed age groups
>> homelike environment >> a focus on nature and animals
>> being real, playing while we learn!!
Some of the things I hold dear and true…
Now there are lot’s of I’s, I am sharing
AND yes it’s all about me
BUT I hope it resinates with YOU >> I hope it sends you a clear message
Whether you are a FDC educator
Any OTHER care setting YOU are valued and needed
We ALL have choices


Don’t get stuck…
If something is NOT working >> CHANGE IT!!
If YOU need to be somewhere else, focus, make a plan, and start moving forward
In an ideal world we would all know exactly what we want, right from the start
We would know where we feel needed, where we are happy, have a magic mirror for the future
BUT the world just doesn’t work that way.
If you are in a care setting that no longer serves you, for whatever reason, change it
Reach out and get support, or GIVE support to another
It’s time to RESPECT each others choices
Support each other as best we can
Recognise that what works for one may not work for another
AND again my message for YOU
YOUR choice is the right one, BECAUSE it’s YOURS!!
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