Connection and Community

How important is it to you?
Do you program for it?
Tricky, Tricky subject – Or is it?
How do you build connection within your care setting,
between your children, family’s, educators and community?
Building connections within our care setting needs…
Non Bias thinking
Critical Reflection
Brain storming
Time and often Energy
Motivation and Direction
All things that often educators struggle with…
All things that often get seen as too hard…
All things that often get left to last!!
We know in our heads AND heart this is important stuff
Just sometimes
the want to program and implement IS there
BUT the practicality of where to start is just too much
Let me give you some food for thought
Let me give you a few challenges
Let me break it down a little
If we break down connection into smaller workable pieces
Important pieces
that can be immersed into our ongoing program and practice
Not something that is focused on for a single day, month or term
But truly ongoing, real and meaningful experiences.
Our precious children can be offered the invitation to explore,
gain meaning from and learn these much needed feelings and skills.
Our Belonging Being Becoming steps us into smaller steps already
And Connection around Community, family and environment steps again
Connection to community helps build emotional resilience
But it is an area that many see as just too hard
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
Think for a minute
Critical Reflect on your own practice
>> Is connection to community something you focus on for a week
and then forget about?
>> Is it something you program for a month and tick off as done?
>> Are excursions a no go for you so you focus on other things?
There are so many amazing ways to build
children’s connection to community
To build trust and understanding
Our precious children need to truly feel and know they belong
>> What are you doing in your care setting to build these connection?
>> Are you brainstorming with other educators?
>> How are these vital skills and connections being nurtured?
>> Are your children learning they are part of an
amazing community and world?
All these things start with us as educators
Being enthused
Being motivated
Being the educator that has creative ideas to bring the
community into our care settings
NOT relying on occasional excursions
NOT relying on the next educator to come up with ideas
NOT passing the buck because we aren’t experienced enough
NOW is the time to start building a connection to your community with your children
things you can do TODAY…
>> 1 Take Photos of local landmarks/ buildings to hang up
when you offer blocks
(Half a minute on your way to work OR on your way to shopping next)
>> 2 Create story stones with the local schools on them
(Are you curious to see what the children will do with them?)
>> 3 Take photos of parents at drop off, print them twice
and you have created a matching game the children will love.
How many more can you think of… We have hundreds –
Yes literally hundreds.
You don’t need excursions to bring the community in and
form a connection
Although lovely, fun and great to offer,
so many care settings are unable
or unwilling to offer excursions.
Don’t let this stop you
It is way, WAY too important
Share what YOU offer around connection and community…
Share your next great idea!!
==>> Quit Questioning, it’s time to step up!!
Crazy, Just Crazy we have an awesome online community supporting
early childhood educators, where to start,
where to next, join us for our next course…
Connect and bring the Community in HERE
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