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The truth about Cubbies…


When you say ‘Lets build a cubby’ in your ‘I’m an educator voice’ are you thinking about the amazing memories the children will create… no?

Maybe how long will this keep them busy…no?

Somewhere in the middle??

When you say ‘cubby house’ do you think of the wonderful time as children we had collecting branches, boxes or blankets to create and build with?

I love …love… love… cubby houses, they are one of my favourite go to experiences.

So why am I sharing that I love cubby houses?

Well I am actually sharing one of my ‘go to experiences’ with you!! I am a Family Day Care educator, working on my own with up to seven children and one of the children is mine – a very boisterous – 5 year old son…

Simple Reflect

Some days are absolutely awesome and some days are really very challenging.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change a thing – but sometimes I need to take a deep breath and steer us all back into our happy place – having a list of ‘go to experiences’ that I love, am super passionate about and know that the children also love helps immensely!!

Simple ReflectSimple Reflect

When was the last time you really struggled to just get through the day?

Does it help to know, as educators, we all have hard days?

So what prep work, can you do, to prepare for these days?

How about a list of go to experiences that you really love…

Simple Reflect

So back to cubby play, why, because the children and I really do love them.

I love…

#the happy interaction of the children, the inclusion of each of the children as they are encouraged to play, build and experiment.

#supporting children within their play-based learning journey, encouraging curiosity, creativity and problem solving.

#engaging children to build relationships, social and language skills.

#offering opportunities for children to build their sense of agency.

#helping children build their resilience, encouraging perseverance, positivity and a sense of self- belief!!

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Cubby Houses can become anything… really… the children are amazing with their creativity and there is no telling where they will go with them…

I am lucky enough to have a large yard and we have 3 permanently set up outside and 2 inside that are purely created and decorated by the children!! A cubby can create a wonderful small space for children to learn and grow in.

Simple Reflect

So is now just the right time to put on some music – empty the cupboard of the blankets and start creating??

Do you have a list of go to experiences? They need to be fun and uplifting experiences that excite you and the children.

The benefits of creative play are awesome, enjoy being part of it 🙂

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