Devastating or Motivating

I have NEVER EVER questioned my passion for working with Educators
more than the last few weeks…
You see…
I LOVE working with early childhood educators
I LOVE knowing an educators potential,
even before they believe it themselves
The support, growth and motivation of an educator,
to see with wide open eyes,
the difference that EVERY educator can make in the life of a child,
is certainly part of my motivation
The last few weeks I have been genuinely shocked,
saddened, outraged and truthfully devastated
by some of the statements coming from peoples mouths
You need to know I am a passionately, positive person
Promise not to laugh – let me share a personal secret –
a beautiful friend teases me saying I am the rainbow unicorn lady…haha
Yes a bit of a play on words as I love horses
and working with children with horses too,
it did make me smile and giggle and then laugh out loud,
I am sure it will be the new running joke for a while,
but I ALWAYS look at where to next in the most positive light possible
I LOVE positivity
I LOVE the possibilities
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Sometimes that positivity is seen as outrageous,
wildly optimistic or even frustratingly unrealistic…
But this is me => I use my positivity to motivate,
to drive change,
to share the possibilities to lift others up
where some may be tempted to give up
Part of what motivates me is also knowing
there is always a new challenge around the corner
a new way to help and share with others
So WHY have I been questioning??
AND I have been
I have cut back my live streams,
trainings, podcasts, and blogs, today as I journaled
I realised for the first time it is out of sheer frustration
FRUSTRATION at the most ridiculous things I have heard
Statements that have been going around and around in my head!!
MAYBE I just need a good RANT to share them
and have others agree what ludicrous things are being said
BUT this is ME and I always look to the positivity
SO what good can come from me sharing some outrageous statements
There is always 2 ways (or more) to look at EVERYTHING
YES I now realise
I need to share some of these statements
AND move them from frustrating, devastating and outraging me
to MOTIVATING US as educators to…
=> Critical Reflect
=> Self Regulate
=> Speak Out
=> Journal a little AND choose to turn outrageous things
that others say regarding passionate early childhood educators
And with things being said like…
+ Educators are baby sitters and don’t need training
+ Early Childhood Educators don’t really need numeracy and literacy skills
+ Additional needs children are in the too hard basket
+ We can’t comfort children there isn’t enough time
+ I need to do what is best for everyone not the individual child
+ We don’t have enough staff to go outside with the children
+ Programming is a waste of my time
+ I know it’s not right but I can get away with it
These statements are infuriating, saddening and simply outrageous
Where is… the empathy, understanding and compassion?
Where is… the commitment to being the best educator you can be?
Where is… the duty of care and dedication to each child in your care?
They are REAL conversations I have had with educators 🙁
Now is the time to say enough is enough
WE NEED to choose
TO SHOUT this is NOT ok
To use these statements to make change
As MOTIVATION as learning and teaching points,
NO I won’t let this go
Yes YOU will continue to see me SUPPORT and CHALLENGE YOU
BECAUSE this is what I DO !!
Remember to shine
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