Do They Really Matter?

One Decision
Each decision
Every decision we make while, supporting, guiding, loving
our precious children MATTERS
They do matter
AND they matter now!!
I have been reading about making choices,
how much decisions matter to adults
and – as it always does –
my thinking went straight to our children
We make choices every day
We make decisions that effect the wellbeing,
development and learning of our children
Do we take it seriously
Seriously enough?
I would like to say yes
THIS is WHY we are educators
Conscious early childhood educators
BUT sadly I know sometimes the answer is NO
So I will share my thoughts again
The decisions we make EACH and EVERY day
with our children
for our children
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So next time…
You question what you are doing for the day?
You question why you are doing what you are doing?
You question your methods
the importance of trying again when something goes wrong…
AND there will always be questions
there will always be times we ask why?
WE work with children there are always things that don’t go quite to plan!
Know that what you DO next MATTERS
The choices YOU make to keep going
follow up with something exciting
encourage resilience
a kind reassuring word
stop for a snuggle
It IS a choice
and as educators we make these choices
every single minute of every single day
What choices have you made today
Do you need to change your choices?
Do you need to take a second look?
How can you serve YOUR children you care for?
Serve them through the choices YOU are making
Knowing that what you choose DOES matter
Share with us, at this time of year, when everything is a little crazy
and our children need our consistency and reassurance
what choices are you making?
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