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Sneak look into Fridays Post!!



I got a little lost in the pictures for this weeks blog so instead of sharing them on Fridays Post, I have decided to share with you a sneak peak today…

Feathered Friends

beautiful lambs

We as educators have so many special gifts we can share with our
Day Care children. An understanding of some of the other creatures in our world is,
I feel, a very important one. The emotions that children often struggle with can be
built up to a level that is truly remarkable – kindness, respect, patience and thinking
about what others like or dislike.


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This seems to be an area that I find many educators shy away from. Either because they are not comfortable around animals, not sure of the regulations and risk assessment needs or worried about that initial conversation with families.



Sharing animals and enriching children’s understanding
of their world is an area I truly love.

It gives me great joy and I really look forward to sharing
these positive experiences with the children each year.

Programming wise it is also refreshing and so much fun guiding the
children’s learning and implementing follow up play experiences.


The crocodile man

You can find the rest of this post here…


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