How can we start our programming…


What is the very first step – What should we actually do!!


Are you passionate about creating learning experiences for children?


But aren’t quite sure where to start?


I have a lot of discussions with educators and they go just like this…



I do find programming difficult, I can have it all in my head but putting it on paper with the right wording is hard.
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Absolutely, Have you tried jottings? Writing three short sentences that help us get out of our heads what we are trying to say, or where we would like to go with the experience. Then coming back to them later and deciding if the jottings need expanding or could they be left like that? Kath



Sometimes just one little tip can make the world of difference!!


I loved sharing my 5 Top Tips for Documenting over with Nicky at Start your own family day care, I was very excited. Stepping up and starting your own business is a massive undertaking and networking with new educators to start their journey on the right foot – with confidence and a clear direction – is something I find very rewarding.


Check out Simple Reflect – The Easiest Way to Document


So 3 tips to stop the confusion – where to start your program???…

1. Keep it simple to begin with, small steps that you are comfortable with and are able to manage moving forward. Write short jottings or notes often less is more when we are starting…


2. Create environments/setting/experiences that are age appropriate and seriously again less is more!! Overwhelmed children will lead to children flitting from one experience to the other with no real learning or value taking place. Write down and celebrate the achievements children make when exploring these settings.


3. Find yourself a ‘Buddy’ an experienced educator that you can bounce ideas off. Everyone needs a little extra support when starting something new – use this opportunity to build a great network around you both online and if possible in the flesh too.


Keep  it  simple

There is sooo much to wrap our heads around when starting a new business – especially one that involves the wellbeing of our precious children…


I’d love to hear from you – What other support do you need right now?


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