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How to get into a good daily routine.

Does your daily routine work for you?

for your children?

for their families?

I am often asked how I create a routine that works. To answer this we must look at so many important variables. We have wonderful, positive, fun days and I think a flexible but predictable routine very much helps in so many ways!

Below I have given you a rundown of my routine, I hope it will help when planning your own.

I will add a list of questions to debate when starting your family day care or needing to adjust a current routine for whatever reason (they can be found here)


My children come in and snooze on the lounge, watch a bit of Tv, do some puzzles or free play…They come into care in their pj’s. At this hour of the morning we want children to have a snuggle and chat with mum or dad, not be fighting through a routine they are not awake nor ready for, before they come into care.



Breakfast – Cereal, Crumpets, Toast, Yogurts.



We brush our teeth, get dressed and do our hair. We then practice putting all our things in their pigeon holes away for the day.



School children catch the bus at the end of the driveway.



A new experience is placed out. Recently I have been offering small world play, this is a great time to offer play-dough, cutting, drawing, collage. I place out only one but have several ready and let the children choose.



Children arrive – the rest of the children arrive, there is already an experience underway (which most of the time they can’t miss out on) so it’s time to say bye to Mum or Dad. We do our happy wave and blow kisses shout “love you!” and off Mum or Dad go.



Pack up time – I offer a lot of free play baskets, important items like books, balls, musical instruments that are on offer all the time so these need to be put back.



Play-school for those that aren’t having a morning sleep.


9.30AM (ish)

Morning sleeps- bubbas go to bed but their routines need to be individual.


Check out Simple Reflect – The Easiest Way to Document


We have a communal toileting, washing hands, drying ready for morning tea. (We discuss hygiene every morning during this time)



Morning tea-we start with and talk about healthy food, not wasting food, recycling or washing our containers and what the chooks can have every day. We also sing songs and I encourage communication about our food.



We ALWAYS have outside time, we feed the chooks and collect the mail. If weather permits we then have a play, offer outside free and planned experiences.



Lunch – Wash hands and get our own lunches and drink bottles from the fridge, each child tells us what they are eating for lunch.



Group book time – as the children finish their lunch they move to the book basket, when all children are finished we read books, have music and song time.



Afternoon quiet time- all children have a quiet time with a book on a bed mat. Most of the younger children sleep but the older children rest, it is important to learn this skill even if its only for half an hour.



The older children are up and I have individual attention time for each of them, craft, painting, letter writing, colour games, we download a new board game/dominoes set each week. Focus on their interests and development.
The younger children will join in at their own level as they wake.



A rolling afternoon tea.



The school children arrive off the bus.



Often we will also have another specific play outside. Inside /outside time is offered most afternoons.


I am currently working 4days a week, this routine works soooo well for us and I hope it gives you an insight into our day.

I would love you to share your thoughts and how your day works for you…

Who’s got the best routine tip to share?




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