iS iT LUCK ?!?

A beautiful text has triggered some reflecting this morning
How AM I so lucky to have awesome family’s
I love my care children
I really DO
Yes I interview well
I ASK the HARD questions – right from the start
Share my quirks – I have a few
AND expectations
I offer care that’s individualised
That reflects MY values
That connects with certain types of family’s
And THEN what?
Then WE build connection
A predictable, professional relationship
Clear respectful communication
That cares, loves and supports
Guides and educates
AND it continues…
and YEARS!!
Is it LUCK?
I don’t think so
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There’s NO WAY this is LUCK
It is consistency,
it is tried and tested
It is listening,
it is offering a service
That parents WANT, NEED and LOVE!!
For their child
For their FAMILY
HOW are YOU… building consistent – predictable – professional relationships with YOUR family’s??
P.S Reflective Practice do YOU have a regular practice that works for YOU?
I am offering Weekly Reflective Practice support in the Shine as an Educator fb group
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