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Is your Business a reflection of you--

Is your business a reflection of you ?

Why do you run your

Family Day Care?

I’ve been reading some of the questions coming through Facebook and it occurred to me – as our children grow and our businesses change our priorities change, do our motivations also change for running our Family Day Care business’s.?

The year is 1992 – After having my first son I needed work and to earn an income, my Carer – We were just changing from Day Care Mums to Carers back then – was leaving and there was no other carers in my area. My Carer was in a small town and leaving left a huge void that needed to be filled. My motivation was to prove, as a young mum, I could earn an income and continue to provide a quality service that other parents desperately needed as well.

Looking back I cared for children who needed Care that I had a position for, I worked the hours anyone asked me to work. We had regulated fees and very little flexibility or control of our business the only way to increase our income was to work more hours.


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Wind the clock forward to 2010 – My youngest son was born and my strong motivation for building a Family Day Care Business after we moved was being at home with him! My older sons had had the benefit and joy of their childhood, filled with friends coming to play and mum being home with them and that was what I wanted for all my sons.

Family Day Care has had many changes over the past 20 years, regulations, documentation, we are now truly educators. I interview parents and children, I’m much more precise on the hours of care I offer. We have deregulated fees therefor a much greater flexibility in how we run our business’s. A greater control over tailoring our business to our own individual areas and family needs.

As Educators and individuals our situations will always be different. My aim has always been to provide the best experiences for my sons and the children and families I care for. As time goes by we all change, develop and grow, our business’s are a reflection of us and our families.

I hope this stimulates your thinking on what motivates you when building your Family Day Care Business, I would love to hear… Why you started your business and what motivates you to offer a quality, home based early childhood education and care service? 🙂

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