My Program’s Boring!!

It struck me this week
during my scheme monthly check in
MY program looked bboorriinngg
For about three weeks I have the same things written
over and over again
Why had I offered the same things
> I did change some experiences out
AND the children wanted them back
> I debated on changing others
BUT the children were still engaging with them
> I moved things around
YES the children were still using them
I chatted to my officer
I started justifying
I started questioning
I started sharing what and why I offered what I was offering
It’s NOT about ME!!
BUT it looks boring
BUT It’s not about YOU!!
I offer my children what they are interested in
What I think they will get value from
I follow up experiences
Added value = learning experiences, where I know they need them
I Add > Change > Move > Mix > Create > an engaged environment the children will LOVE and use…
So why was I feeling so guilty (and I truly think I was)
for creating an environment that was doing EXACTLY
what it was suppose to do??
Step back moment
Critical reflection moment
Recognition moment
I was actually feeling guilty for doing my exact job!
YOUR program doesn’t need to look amazing
YOUR documenting doesn’t need to be flan dangle and flash
It needs to be professional
Sharing IS its job
> Sharing the planned experiences
> Sharing the children’s day
> Connecting with parents
> Sharing a child’s learning journey
> Sharing a clear cycle that is valuable to our children
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I.F. it is doing this?
It’s doing it!
It is what it is!!
YES our Program is NOT about us…
It’s not about the fluff
It’s not about the fillers
It does not need to be exciting or fresh every day or even week
IF it is engaging the children AND the children are getting value from it
If it is REAL
If it is a cycle that reflects AND supports the children’s growth and journey
Planned around the children
Planned FOR the children
And NOT for US!!
Then it is what it is AND it is NOT about US!!
P.S I was asked last night ‘pen and paper or digital’ for programming
AND truthfully I do both > AND so can YOU
Our programming is what it is > make it work for you… change it up…
If you are ready for a change > change it!!
If you are looking for support to make your program really WORK for you AND the children in your care, it’s time to grab it now
Contact me about the support I can offer or read more HERE
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