no excuses children

No Excuses!!

There’s NO excuse!!
Come up with awesome ideas to get the children interested!!
If you have interested children
YOU will have engaged children
Yes at the start use children’s interests
to start their learning journey
BUT move your focus to…
What does my child NEED TO LEARN?
WHERE does this child’s learning journey need to go?
Little by Little
Small calculated steps
WHAT can we offer our children as educators?
NO excuses!!
If YOU are offering valuable learning experiences
The children will be interested, engaged, enthusiastic
Sometimes VERY noisy, busy & messy
Learn to LOVE the variety
Learn to LOVE the challenge
Learn to STEP UP and claim your place
In each child’s development
Is it time YOU start brainstorming?
Reflect on your current practice
Challenge yourself to offer more
More value?
More meaningful interactions?
More positive learning experiences?
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
Create a space… A care setting…
YOUR children WANT to be in
Want to explore
Want to PLAY within
NO excuses!! It’s time!!
What action will you take today?
P.S We are stepping into our 2nd part of Health, Wellness & Mindfulness this Wednesday…
will you be joining us?


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