ONE Question?

ONE Question?
There is ONE question I haven’t asked
A QUESTION that needs your attention
I want you to stop
Be CONSCIOUS of your thoughts right now as you ask yourself this…
Is your purpose to be happy?
As a beautiful, loving, caring human is your purpose to be happy?
What is my purpose?
What is your purpose?
Do YOU know…
We have spoken about being fun and real,
Being passionate and motivated,
Removing the pressure we put on ourselves
AND recognising the knowledge and skill YOU have
I also ask YOU questions…EVERY week…
As an educator
=> Do YOU give yourself credit for your knowledge, your focus,
your unwavering commitment to the children in your care?
=> Are YOU reflecting on your practice? Are you making ongoing changes
you need to make?
=> Are YOU confident and certain around your programming? your documenting?
=> Are you passionate and motivated?
Does being an early childhood educator make you HAPPY?
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Only YOU can answer this
It’s a question I haven’t thought on before
It came up in my journaling this morning and I wanted to ask YOU
Why haven’t I thought on this before? I really don’t know…
Have you?
Have you asked yourself this question before?
Does being an early childhood educator make me HAPPY?
I love what I do
I have joy, passion and commitment
So am I going to say YES? Do I believe it makes me happy?
I enjoy most days
I make a difference
I connect with children
I support families
I am contributing to my own family’s wellbeing and financial means
There are so many positives, I could list them for days
I look for the positives FIRST
I am grateful for my life as an educator
YES I am going to say my answer is YES
What do you NEED to be happy as an educator?
Someone to bounce ideas off?
A community that understands?
Do you NEED help with your programming, your documenting?
Reach out, connect and you will find the support and answers you are looking for…
We have an awesome growing FREE community in Shine as an Educator HERE

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