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>>You CAN’T be an educator<<

May 10, 2017/ by admin / 2 comments

Why would you want to be? What makes you think, this is something YOU will achieve? Why did you start your training, your journey? The questioning deep inside How did YOU know this path was for you?? Supporting, guiding, connecting with children Building confidence, resilience, social skills every day EVERY DAY Is this path REALLY … Continue reading >>You CAN’T be an educator<<

Simple Reflect

Do you love it?

April 18, 2017/ by admin / No Comments

I know some LOVE it Some hate it, struggle with it, can’t find the flow BUT I LOVE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 4 little munchkins asleep 3 schoolies making an easter hunt for the munchkins when they wake up What could BE better? The opportunities… The guiding of kindness – understanding – focusing on what others will … Continue reading Do you love it?

Simple Reflect

What will his inner voice say?

March 23, 2017/ by admin / No Comments

Do you ever scroll mindlessly?? I don’t do it very often but when I do I love to take note of what catches my eye!! This week it was the many memes about the children’s inner voices you know the ones that say a child inner voice will become what they hear the most The … Continue reading What will his inner voice say?

Simple Reflect

Reflective Practice – What does it mean to you?

March 9, 2017/ by admin / No Comments

As I am sure many of you know I work with educators finding their way with Programming, Guiding, supporting and sharing what I have learnt along the way on my journey as an educator. I love to support educators with taking a serious look at What’s working? AND what’s not!?! Now how do you tell … Continue reading Reflective Practice – What does it mean to you?