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My ONE Advice for YOU Today

November 22, 2017/ by admin / No Comments

Sometimes I find myself saying the same things over and over This month has been one of those months Yes I have LOVED mentoring my 1:1 clients BUT EVERY one of them – at some stage I have said the same thing to… ==>> Start from where you are at!! “I’m not experienced at programming” … Continue reading My ONE Advice for YOU Today

Simple Reflect

If YOU Don’t Step Up => They Miss Out…

November 20, 2017/ by admin / No Comments

A clear true statement that came to me as I hung up from a call It hit me like a ton of bricks When I am so certain of something It takes my breath away This is one of those REAL moments When my inner voice shouts at me To STOP To think for an … Continue reading If YOU Don’t Step Up => They Miss Out…

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Connection and Community

November 9, 2017/ by admin / No Comments

Connection How important is it to you? Do you program for it? Tricky, Tricky subject – Or is it? How do you build connection within your care setting, between your children, family’s, educators and community? Building connections within our care setting needs… Non Bias thinking Critical Reflection Brain storming Time and often Energy Motivation and … Continue reading Connection and Community

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Stress About Next Year…

October 11, 2017/ by admin / No Comments

Don’t let the What ifs in your life destroy the now… What about the NOW? I have been listening to an educators what if’s today Trying to be respectful Trying to be thoughtful and understanding Then I asked her… But what if it all works out? EXACTLY how you want it to? If you have … Continue reading Stress About Next Year…