>> How are other people’s should’s effecting YOU?? <<

I ask myself questions when I journal
When I reflect on the week
When I reflect on my week as an educator
This question came up
How are other people’s ‘should’s’ effecting me as an educator??
This week I have read questions about…
>> hours of care (when should you open your FDC)?
>> pricing your care (should you raise your price)?
>> would you give notice (should I give notice to this family)?
I get it – we feel isolated – we want to bounce ideas off others
We crave connection and understanding
I get it – it’s not often an easy decision to make
We crave the ability to not make mistakes
I get it – it’s not something we have had to deal with before
We crave the experience of others
BUT we ARE educators
We love the connection with the children
We love that in their eyes we don’t make mistakes
We love that we can guide them through our growing experience
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BUT still we question
We question ourselves as educators
We look to others when we NEED to do what works for US…
Reflect on our practice
Journal or take time to think
Take time to refill our own cup
BEFORE we try and support or question others
ASK YOURSELF what is the right answer?
What will work for ME
What will work for MY family?
Deep inside YOU know – YOU really DO!!
Share with me, what questions are YOU struggling with
Take on advice, experience and what works for me
BUT then step away
AND decide what will work for YOU??
Share with me – WHAT WILL WORK FOR YOU??
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