Pre Work = Follow ups

Whether you are thinking of joining us for our next course or not
The Joy of Follow ups => What’s next?
Let me share a little PRE WORK with you…
Do you randomly pick follow ups out of thin air?
Do you struggle with what you are meant to be looking for?
Why oh why are follow ups even important?
Our precious children are unique
Each ARE individuals
Individual in their interests
Individuals in the way they learn
Individuals in how they move forward with their learning
As early childhood educators
We recognise that children ARE individuals and we need to support, engage and encourage them as the amazing young people they are…

Think about ONE child in your care
1.. When was the last time you offered an individual follow up experience for this child?
2.. Are you confident YOU know their current interests?
3.. Are you confident YOU know a skill that needs encouraging?
4.. Plan an experience that offers this skill => and includes their current interests?
=> This is a basic follow up
=> This is how we can guide and build our children’s confidence
… Step by step by step
Key one => Know your children
Key two => Understand their development
Key three => Offer next level skills in a way that children are interested and will want to engage in
Share your answers
What does this bring up for you?
P.S Watch for tomorrows Pre work Exercise or Jump into the EYPMastermind and get ready to build your knowledge around follow ups = Confidence and Certainty around what’s next!
Questioning your program, takes time
Struggling with what’s next, takes time
Umming and Arring is this right, takes time
Give me half hour of your time once a week and you will find yourself building confidence, building certainty and claiming back your time every day!!
Is it worth it => YES IT IS
Grab your spot HERE
P.P.S You can find the 2nd PRE WORK HERE

Follow ups

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