Programming is hard

Programming Is Hard

A beautiful educator said to me… “I just find programming hard!”
She was struggling
Had a total wall up
Not moving forward, just stuck
Why do so many educators, and I hear it,
sometimes as a whine but often as a statement,
YOU may say it too, beautiful educators saying programming is hard?
The word is a massive road block
AND if you are using it
Once something is deemed hard,
the motivation to improve,
the desire to make something easy is… well… seen as too hard!
What makes educators put up the road block
Declare something hard
Do YOU declare your programming HARD?
How can we move forward from this place
If you are feeling that pull… that niggle inside of you that it’s time,
it’s time this programming thing that you deemed
as hard NEEDS to become easy then let me share
Share with you the discussion I had with a beautiful educator
when she deemed her programming; JUST TOO HARD!
Let’s break it down
Let’s work through this

Programming needs to be a cycle,
a true clear cycle with sections,
that become habits and habits become easy
From HARD to EASY that is the aim – but back to the cycle
>> Is it knowing where to start? Plan your experiences.
Experiences need to come from somewhere,
why are you offering what you are offering,
what will you offer your precious children and
how are the children getting value?
>> Then it’s time to take action… Be present with the children,
offer the experience take note of what the children actually do,
learn and love about the experience.
How can you offer the children more or
make this experience richer right now?
>> Document, whether you take notes, pictures,
focused programming,
write something using your professional language,
(the language of the EYLF).
Now is the time to write what actually happened. Short! Sharp! No waffle!
>> Evaluate… or choose what next/the follow up,
now is the time to think,
can you offer this again,
what could you offer differently,
what other experiences would benefit your children?
And around we go again
This is the absolute bare basics, you know it, you do it every day
But back to my educator discussion,
when we looked through each of these four bare basics steps and
what she was doing it all looked fine.
From the outside it all looked fine.
BUT it was taking her FOREVER to do…
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So it was NOT fine!
Let’s dig a little deeper, where were the road blocks?
She has a great knowledge of what age appropriate experiences are,
loves offering experiences and
spending time with the children creating valuable,
meaningful experiences.
Her documenting is full of professional language and
links well to the EYLF.
Really actually a lot of linking.
She was writing a lot, there is no need to write so much,
but that still wasn’t it.
She was also adding two followups to her observations AND here it was!!
She was spending time documenting, thinking of follow ups
BUT not using them.
AND at the end of the day it wasn’t just one thing,
it all adds up that wasted time that could be claimed back
My advice to her…
>> Write less – be more precise!
>> Use the language of the EYLF and
STOP linking 5 outcomes to each experience, choose two!
>> Use your follow up ideas and planning with your children,
don’t reinvent the wheel every week!
Three clear ways she can improve her programming TODAY and
claim back her time every day
What would my advice be to YOU?
I bet you already know…
You know where you can improve, where you can make it easier,
YOU really do know your next step, your ACTION to take!
It’s time to move from hard to easy
At least take ONE thing from what you have just read and implement it,
use it to make a change, to move forward
I ask myself quietly, critically reflect in my mind, every day, is this enough,
is it too much, am I creating a true cycle?
Re assure myself that YES I am confident
I am meeting the needs of my children,
the Regs and of my scheme.
Confidence brings ease, does it make it easy – maybe it helps
For me and ALL of us programming on a daily basis,
it needs to be questioned BUT it needs to flow in a true cycle with ease.
I want YOU to program with ease
That’s what I want for us as educators,
as early childhood educators that make a difference to the lives
of our precious children every day!
Shine as an Educator
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