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Role modelling – fun – or both??


What does role modelling mean to you?

Do you Paint or Create?
How do your Day Care children see you?

This week I have some serious reflecting to do – before I tell you why, Im going to ask you some questions to ask yourself – take a minute to think about these four questions before reading on…

#Is role modelling important to you?

#Do you role model the positive behaviour you would like to see?

#How often do you sit, listen and engage in meaningful conversation?

#How do you convey your interest in what the children are learning?

Now the setting…

Excited children – Easel and smocks, thick paint and textured paint brushes
(you know the ones with texture foam on the end), coloured paper and pegs.
Yep all set up ready for the children to enjoy…

My focus was experimenting with our new brushes, colour recognition, turn taking and communication (I wanted to engage the children’s thoughts about the patterns they were making).

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A bit of paint everywhere, wonderful creations, so much exciting chatter about what they were creating, then comes the question (or maybe a statement – more matter of fact then a question as 5 year olds do)…
“Mum we have all had a turn – I think its your turn!!”
“Oh no Thanks – You create a bit more”
“But you would have fun!!”

Have you taken to watching like I have…

I watch – I actively engage the children in conversation – I encourage and organise – but do the children see me as having fun?

I challenge you this week in your care setting to take an extra step, show the children you can have fun!!



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